Magic Mushrooms and Cancer

Magic Mushrooms and Cancer – What You Need to Know

Magic Mushrooms and the beneficial compound they contain, psilocybin, are progressing quite rapidly amongst the medical community. Considering, the compound was just approved for legal use in Canada, for terminally ill cancer patients. To specifically relieve and improve their mental health during this understandably difficult stage in life.

Other than the physical deterioration that cancer patients can endure, the condition obviously affects those who suffer from it, mentally, too. That’s why researchers are more widely exploring psilocybin’s therapeutic effects, that may be effective at relieving treatment-resistant depression overall, and the kind associated with cancer, directly.

So, we explored the latest information on how magic mushrooms and cancer are connecting, and how psilocybin can help the overwhelming condition. 

How Does Psilocybin Work?

How does Psilocybin Work

Psilocybin is a compound found in magic mushrooms, just like THC is a compound found in cannabis. Upon digesting psilocybin, the compound is transformed to psilocin which is responsible for the hallucinogenic and therapeutic effects that magic mushrooms can provide.

The compound interacts and influences neural pathways found in the brain, most abundantly in the prefrontal cortex. These neural pathways are the messenger highways of emotions, and feelings, and disruptions to this area are responsible for conditions like anxiety, depression, mood disorders, etc. 

One specific receptor to note, for the improving of moods associated with cancer, is psilocybin’s interaction and promotion of serotonin. Serotonin is a well-known natural compound that’s responsible for feeling an overall sense of ‘well-being’ or feeling happy.

By strengthening the levels of serotonin, and the neural pathways that keep the brain and mood functioning optimally, psilocybin is proving to be quite therapeutic for a variety of conditions. Similar to the anxiety that cancer patients can feel, when facing the ‘end-of-life’. We’ll touch upon the latest research on magic mushrooms and cancer side effects on the mood more, next. 

The Latest on Magic Mushrooms and Cancer 

The latest Canadian approval of psilocybin for cancer patients is profound to say the least. As the use of psychedelics therapy, hasn’t been legally exempted since 1974. But by 2001 the National Cancer Policy Board of the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council issued a report pleading for novel agents to be researched further. Specifically for the treatment or improvement of ‘psychological and spiritual well-being of people who have advanced cancer.’ magic mushrooms being one of those novel agents

Research for the recent Canadian approval began back in 2016, when 29 cancer patients were part of the initial study. The patients specifically had condition-induced anxiety and depression symptoms, in which single doses of psilocybin were administered as trials for treatment.

Over nine weeks of psychotherapy sessions, 60-80% of the patients displayed a significant clinical reduction in anxiety, depression, and distress, and even had improved attitudes overall. 

To go further, researchers in this study wanted to test the effectiveness of long-term benefits that psilocybin could provide cancer patients.

3-4 years after the trial, 15 of the original patients were re-surveyed and still reported improvements in their cancer-induced anxiety and depression. With over 70% of the group citing the study and use of psilocybin as ‘the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant experiences of their lives”.

How to Therapeutically Consume Magic Mushrooms

Psilocybin and Cancer

For now, the research community is still trying to pin down ideal doses to recommend for improving moods, and defeating anxiety and depression associated with cancer and other detrimental life events. What’s trending amongst the self-medicating crowd, however, is micro dosing. Micro dosing was popularized with the use of LSD, but is making its way into the world of weed, and now psilocybin too. 

The idea behind micro dosing, is to take a small enough amount, that you receive the compounds therapeutic effects, without the psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects that can affect your ability to function.

This is a fine line to walk for many, and can vary from individual to individual. Psilocybin’s effects, again like cannabis, can differ depending on a person’s metabolism, weight, tolerance, and other physiological factors. So, it may take some experimenting to find which level of the compound delivers these desired effects for you. 

To make it easier on patients, many brands are beginning to produce accurately doses psilocybin infused goods. Because, obviously, it can be difficult to determine how much psilocybin is in each magic mushroom when consuming the dried or fresh variety.

Again, and not to sound like a broken record – but just like cannabis flower, and how hard it can be to determine how much THC is in each puff from a joint or bowl. Versus THC infused capsules or edibles. 

If you’re looking to consume magic mushrooms in a micro dosing fashion, or with more accurate doses here’s a few popular products that can help – 

As a final tip on how to consume magic mushrooms for therapeutic effects – always go low, and slow. It will take 45 minutes – one hour for the effects of psilocybin to be fully felt, so always wait this amount of time or longer, before increasing your dose and consuming an additional amount. 

Magical Results for A Debilitating Condition 

Psychedelics like magic mushrooms were once thought of as just a ‘good time’. But now, the compounds that are able to produce that good time are being taken seriously for serious conditions like cancer, depression, PTSD, and others.

At ideal doses, psilocybin is a compound that’s able to uplift the spirits, without being too overwhelming in hallucinogenic effects. An ideal trait for those who are facing increased anxiety due to a terminal illness. 

Although advocates are cheering the approval and advancements for magic mushrooms, so far, this is only the beginning. Those passionate on the psilocybin topic continue to push for further research and widened legalization. In the meantime, you can browse our top-quality psilocybin goods, and mushrooms from MMJDirect. Purchased conveniently, securely, and delivered to your door.