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20CBD : 1THC – Mango

(7 customer reviews)


Mango flavored CO2 extracted Oil

250mg CBD + 12.5mg THC per 30ml Bottle
1ml = 8.3mg CBD + 0.42mg THC

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The 20CBD : 1THC Mango tincture is a great-quality cannabis-based product coming from Anonymous. This manufacturer uses a unique system to extract the cannabinoid profile, without any solvents or CO2. They’re only using organic ingredients extracted from the cannabis plant without inserting any other chemicals in the tincture.

This enables the product to be wholly natural and provides many health benefits. On top of that, the therapeutic potential of this tincture far surpasses anything else on the market. That’s what our buyers have said once they’ve tried it, at least. If you want to buy 20CBD : 1 THC Mango online, MMJDirect makes it entirely easy and efficient to do it.

You only have to check out after entering your shipping details, and we take care of the rest. Canada Post will deliver the package in 2-5 business days without a hassle. If that’s not the case, we’ll replace it for free!

Why use this tincture at all?

For no other reason than because you seek a natural and organic therapeutic treatment for your medical issues. Cannabis-based tinctures have a few psychoactive and therapeutic effects that are very desirable by many people. For instance, if you suffer from chronic or acute pain because of a certain medical condition, our 20CBD : 1THC Mango tincture might greatly alleviate those symptoms.

You could find a few moments of peace and quiet in the storm of a painful medical condition. Moreover, this tincture should also provide relief from most forms of inflammations and neuropathic pains. The CBD-infused MCT oil-based tincture starts working in a few minutes and should last for a few hours. Moreover, it also allows you to micro-dose your treatment accurately by using a precise dropper.

How to consume the tincture

The best and most efficient way to consume the 20CBD : 1THC Mango tincture is sublingual. This way, you enable the tincture to work its way faster into your bloodstream and provide the much-needed therapeutic effects faster. The metabolization process will proceed much smoother and use every bit of the cannabis to heal you.

Both your body and mind should receive a big boost in terms of relaxation and stress relief. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, taking this tincture should make you less strained and emotionally affected. You might even get rid of all the bad thoughts in a few minutes, leaving you entirely performant for a few good hours.

MMJDirect lets you buy 20CBD : 1 THC Mango online in Canada easily and efficiently!

7 reviews for 20CBD : 1THC – Mango

  1. Kevin

    I use this product every night before bed. Love it

  2. Alexandra

    relieve my pain and help me for sleeping

  3. Dana

    Husband loves it! Calms his anxiety

  4. Kathleen

    Excellent pain relief and calming. Will order this product again. Kathleen

  5. Daniel

    Tastes decent, really effective, easy to use. I like it.

  6. Nicholas

    Excellent product! Helps with relaxation and sleep. Very mellow and calming.

  7. Alexander

    Dangerously easy to go through this stuff quick. Great calming product. Would recommend to anyone.

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