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An Indica-dominant strain (about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa) that offers enjoyable Sativa effects as well, is the true beauty of 24K Gold. This cannabis flower is the cross between the uplifting Sativa strain Tangie and the powerful Indica plant Kosher Kush.


24K Gold provides a highly aromatic smoking and vaping experience. It is a very flavourful cannabis plant treating its users to the refreshing and energising strong notes of tangerines and oranges with hints of cinnamon. This strain carries powerful effects that combine an uplifting euphoric cerebral high with a strong physical relaxation.


A Wonder Strain For Stress and Depression


24K Gold is a cannabis cup winner, receiving a distinguished third place at the Milano Secret Cup back in 2018. This marijuana strain is not your regular plant. It offers truly impressive potency, purity, and quality.


This highly aromatic strain can help relieve symptoms of depression and stress. Its mood-boosting and euphoric high can wash away even the last traces of stress, anxiety, and depression leaving you with feelings of happiness and maybe even some good giggles.


The euphoric cerebral high that allows you to tap into higher levels of creativity is generally followed by a comforting physical relaxation. This part of the high can carry sedative properties as well, which can be mild or quite potent, depending on the dosage you consumed. This can help with a variety of physical pains, such as arthritis, headaches, muscle aches, and more. Many users find that 24K Gold also increases their appetites and helps them get better sleep.


A Casual Golden Strain


With THC levels that generally average between 21-26%, we know that the effects and potency of 24K Gold are not casual, but truly golden and powerful. But, this cannabis strain is a great fit for a casual time. If you want to enjoy a game night with your friends, playing pool or darts, then you are safe to go with this strain.


If you are an experienced user, then you most likely feel confident using this marijuana plant even though it is strong. But if you are a newbie, don’t let yourself be tricked by its flavourful smoke. Keep in mind that this is a powerful strain. If you are not careful with how much you consume, instead of hitting that ball on the pool table, you may find yourself locked to the couch missing out on the fun.

1 review for 24k Gold

  1. Ryan

    Was pleasantly surprised by this strain. Buds are huge, nicely frosted with trichomes and are definitely appealing to the eye. It has a pungent sweet and sour scent out of the bag and once you light it up, it has quite a unique citrusy flavour with hints of spice and black pepper.

    Potency is good and the high is a nice hybrid mix of both Indica and Sativa. It worked really well at relieving my chronic back pain and helped me to sleep soundly at night. Yet another 5 star strain from mmjdirect! Thank you.

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