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300mg THC Tropical Gummies by SPINS Information

SPINS THC Tropical Gummies are a premium gummy brand that brings together flavourful cannabis artistry with stimulating effects through precision and consistency with each micro-dosing experience. 

Flavours of pineapple, blue raspberry, cherry, and orange can be enjoyed when ingesting these edibles. Fifteen gummies each carrying 20mg THC can be found in each packaging resulting in a total of 300mg THC per package. These THC-infused gummies carry an uplifting and mood-boosting high that may leave you feeling focused, creative, and motivated. 

A Boost For The Mind And Mood

SPINS THC Tropical Gummies 300mg are a great cannabis edible, ideal for daytime micro-dosing providing a euphoric cerebral high with mood-boosting effects. The relaxing properties found in these fruity candies are not one to dim down your motivation or drive, but they can be stimulating as they may soothe away symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue. 

Stress and Anxiety. The harmonious combination of relaxing and mood-boosting properties of these THC gummies may alleviate symptoms of anxiety, and stress, potentially even mild cases of depression, offering its users a gentle euphoric and a positive high. 

Fatigue. These cannabis edibles have the potential of addressing cases of mild fatigue due to their stimulating cerebral high that may offer elevation in focus, mental energy, and productivity. 

Motivating Relaxation. THC Tropical Gummies carry relaxing properties that usually deliver a motivating and stimulating effect as they can potentially help the mind get into a state of ease while soothing some physical aches and discomforts. 

Simon Says Start Small

Because of the delicious fruity flavours of these THC-infused gummies, anyone could be tempted to keep on eating them without thinking much about their effects. 20mg THC per gummy can potentially offer milder effects for some while stronger ones for others. 

If you are new to marijuana edibles and not yet familiar with your tolerance levels, we highly recommend starting with a small dose. In this case, either half a gummy or at most one gummy. 

Some users may experience effects kicking in as soon as 15 minutes, but this can also take as long as two hours. Wait at least two hours to see how half a gummy or one full gummy interacts with your system. If you aren’t experiencing any effects then you may help yourself to a second dose. Then wait for another two hours. Starting small and going slow is the way to do it to maximize your experience.

7 reviews for 300mg THC Tropical Gummies by SPINS

  1. Jared

    I mainly use edibles for sleep, or when I want to save my lungs. These taste great and work super well for sleep. They actually surprised me with the taste, they don’t taste medicated at all which my wife will like. 10/10 will buy again!

  2. Amanda

    My wife and I really enjoy these gummies, taste good and work well.
    Not a heavy or overpowering which was great, we’ll be ordering these again.

  3. Georgia

    Grreat gummies, a new favorite for sure! Love the taste, love the texture, they don’t melt together, and easy to split if you want to change dosage. Will definitely be buying again.

  4. Giovanni

    Very good, recommended for someone that doesn’t like the taste of weed. My gf loves them and so do I.

  5. Rob

    Stuck indoors today so I decided to try these out. Review time!!
    Packaging: The tin with the screw cap is my favorite. The sugar coating keeps them from all sticking together and makes grabbing each piece much easier Open, grab a piece (or 4), close it. Simple.
    Taste: I didn’t taste any green at all, which is nice.
    Effect: Great! 20mg a piece is a perfect dose!! Take 1 to perk up your day, help you sleep, calm the nerves, etc. Or take a few on a day off and enjoy yourself!! Recommend!!

  6. Tee

    I prefer edibles to save my lungs – I really liked the flavour and texture of these gummies, good for the end of day and just before bed. It helps with my insomnia, and pain…and tastes great. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking an alternative to vaping or smoking, or needs a little help sleeping. Also works for watching weird movies and enjoying couch lock.

  7. John

    Happy with my purchase – Good bang for your buck. Comes with 15 pieces, nicely packed in a tin that’s easy to open. Sugar coated so they aren’t all stuck together like some others I’ve tried. Flavour and texture are nice, not to green tasting.

    I mainly use edibles in the evening for pain relief and as a sleep aid – one of these does the trick!

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