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4CBD : 1THC – Black Cherry

(4 customer reviews)


300mg CBD:75mg THC
1ml = 10mg CBD + 2.5mg THC

Sold Out

*Please be aware that Anonymous Content has stopped making this product. Once our stocks run out, you will no longer be able to buy 4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry online.

The 4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry is a tincture produced by Anonymous Content. Tinctures are preferred by some users as a great way to relieve neuropathic pain as well as inflammatory pain. But they may also reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension, all the while helping you relax and unwind. Therefore, if you feel you are in either one of these categories, go ahead and buy 4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry online right now.

Special recipe for best results

4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry tincture has been developed using decarboxylated cannabis-infused MCT Oil which comes from a solventless CO2 extraction system that has been used to extract the full cannabinoid profile. Why is that important information for you? Because the product that has resulted is fast-acting and can be used very discreetly.

If you buy 4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry online from our store, you will benefit from its wonderful 4:1 formula. This means 4CBD:1THC. Black Cherry has 300mg of CBD to 75mg of THC.

Using tinctures in a controlled way

One of the main reasons why people turn to tinctures as their preferred THC/CBD product is because they are so easy to use. The dosing is controlled since you can drip as many drops as you feel necessary using the dispenser that comes with the bottle.

If you are planning to use them orally, we suggest you try the sublingual method. This will yield the best results. 1ml of tincture has 10mg of CBD and 2.5mg of THC. By placing a few drops under your tongue, which is a highly vascularized area, the product will reach your bloodstream much faster.

This translates into a high absorption power, which means that you get to enjoy this product to its fullest. Using it under the tongue means you won’t lose any of its potency. That is usually the case when edibles are metabolized first by the liver or the stomach.

Ingredients: CBD Cannabis, Stevia, Organic flavor, and MCT Oil.

If you choose to buy 4CBD:1THC – Black Cherry online in Canada from our store, you should hurry! The stocks are limited and this is a unique experience that provides a lot of value for money!

4 reviews for 4CBD : 1THC – Black Cherry

  1. Adam

    My Nana uses this for arthritis pain management and is very happy with the results. (Both spray and drops)

  2. Alexander

    This review is based off of the spray. Smaller product yield than some may like…I went through it very fast. Great effects through. Will buy the bottle/dropper combo for at home use.

  3. Tina

    I use this product mainly for sleep, as I have trouble sleeping deeply.
    One dropper (10mg) before bed has really made a difference in my abikity to fall back asleep if I wake up. Very happy, started with the spray but since use mostly at home, went for the larger format.

  4. Brian

    I take it every night before bed, it helps me sleep and I wake up feeling great.

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