5mg THC/CBD Caps by Array

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5mg THC + 5mg CBD per Cap

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5mg THC/CBD Caps by Array Information

** Special note **

We’ve been fans of Array for a long time but the prices were always way too high, at times we considered removing them from our stock because we didn’t feel happy even selling them. We’ve only kept them because we know how much they help a big portion of you guys.

We’ve been looking for a brand that can both increase the quality, and also bring down the price significantly. We ended up working with Daily Caps who offer an identical product line to Array. The quality has been outstanding, definitely better than array, even at a much better price.

Together with Daily Caps we’ll bring the products to MMJ and also be offering some great introduction prices.

So if you want an affordable, very high quality THC, CBD or 1:1 Blend Capsule then you can’t go wrong with Daily Caps.

Click here to get the Daily Caps 5mg 1:1 CBD/THC.


The 5mg THC/CBD Caps may provide safe relief from many medical conditions and sickness symptoms. They have relaxing and pain-relieving effects most of the time, though each individual will react differently to these capsules. This means that the level of pain relief varies from individual to individual. However, most patients who have tried this natural medicine have reported positive feedback most of the time.

To buy 5mg THC/CBD Caps online, you only need to checkout on MMJDirect and follow the payment instructions we send you via mail. After confirming your payment, we will process the order through Canada Post, which will deliver your package in 2-5 business days. Naturally, we will maintain the utmost discretion all the time, as the package doesn’t have any cannabis-related labels on it.

Whether at work, at the hotel, or at home, you will receive the package quickly and efficiently through Canada Post!

What are the therapeutic recommendations?

With relaxing and pain-relieving effects, the 5mg THC/CBD Caps have built a great reputation for providing relief from muscle tension, nausea, acute pain, and even insomnia. These caps contain a slow infusion of cannabis into cocoa butter for maximum bio-availability, which means you’ll absorb them quickly. Just pop one into your mouth whenever you start having symptoms, and you should be fine.

It generally takes a few minutes before a capsule starts having effects, so we recommend sitting still until you notice them. Most of the patients who have bought these caps have said that they are incredibly potent and beneficial for acute and chronic pains. They’re even good for daily stress and aching muscles. If your medical condition manifests through sudden bouts of insomnia, try these capsules and you should start sleeping like a log.

They may be very beneficial for treating the side-effects of cancer therapy as well. Nausea and sickness state that appear after a session of chemotherapy or radiotherapy may diminish in intensity significantly as a result of these capsules. Dose them out correctly and you’ll have a perfect treatment for your sickness!


  1. Rachel

    These are simple to use without any mess or flavours to choose from – just pop into your mouth and swallow! Even just one gives me a nice easy chilled out feeling within 15-20 minutes.

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