710 Pen Mini + Charger

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510 Threaded Battery Base + 510 threaded charger

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710 Pen Mini + Charger Information

Threaded Battery Base and Threaded Charger that will complete your collection of cannabis accessories. Both the battery base and the charger are compatible with different types of carts such as the Daily CO2 Carts, Bob Carts, Onli Flowers CO2 Carts. As a result, you will be able to use them whenever you feel the need without disrupting your daily vaping habits.

Tips on how to use safely

Most of the users who buy the 710 Pen Mini + Charger online are satisfied with both its appearance and its fantastic performance. The base is very small, only half the size of a regular 710 Pen Battery.

This makes it very convenient and travel friendly, seeing as you can simply throw it in your bag or backpack and carry it around with you without any inconveniences or added weight. The base is very sleek and beautiful as well. It comes in matte black with silver finishes, making it the perfect elegant addition to any collection of accessories whether you are a beginner or a seasoned connoisseur.

The USB charger is also matte black and very sleek looking, making this set a beautiful as well as useful everyday necessity. Vaping has now become fashionable as well as fun.

One of the things users love the most when they buy the 710 Pen Mini + Charger online is how well it performs. Once charged to the maximum, it can last for approximately 100 to 150 draws. This is a high number of draws that are sure to satisfy you until your next charge.

Instructions: you will have to charge the 710 Pen Mini Battery when its start button flashes 5 times repeatedly. The flashing light will be very easy to notice and is a discreet way of letting you know it’s time to charge.

Every 710 Pen Mini base has 1 heat setting. If you want to turn it on or off, you will have to push the button 5 times in a row. To power up, push the button only once.

2 reviews for 710 Pen Mini + Charger

  1. Chris

    I’m buying a second one of these just because it’s nice to have one in each area of the house….they work mint. Battery life is great unlike others I’ve had.

  2. Brian

    This is my favorite base, it’s very small and discreet and the battery lasts a fairly long time considering its small size.

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