Afghan Bullrider

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Afghan Bullrider Information

Afghan Bullrider never stops amazing us with its high-impactful euphoric drive during the initial phase. Many consumers are overwhelmed by the sudden impact of such high energy levels. Though, in a few seconds, that energy will turn into dizzy introspectiveness and contemplation. You’ll love thinking long and hard about important matters under the effect of Afghan Bullrider. It also boasts a 2% CBD level, which further amps up the contemplative effects.


Its THC level goes from 15-21% in an attempt to deliver the ultimate sedative experience. Considering that Afghan Bullrider is a 100% pure Indica strain, we shouldn’t be surprised of its sedative effects. Once it starts, it’ll alleviate most chronic pains symptoms, treat your aches and inflammation, and eliminate your depression and anxiety. These things go during the first few smokes, tallying up toward the very end until you’re comfortable and relaxed.

What does Afghan Bullrider look and taste like?


This strain looks super condensed as the minty-green nugs are closely packed together in a bright-green picture. The dark-olive leaves cover the nugs a bit, yet the fiery-orange hairs have something to say, as well. They puncture amidst the leaves, going through the thick resinous layer above. The last layer of support is the coating of translucent crystal trichomes that reflect this strain’s potency. Afghan Bullrider is particularly potent and intense.

In terms of flavour, you’ll come to taste a sour berry flavour during the first smoke. As you go deeper into the aroma, it’ll split into sweet honey and harsh sourness, each combining perfectly into a balanced aroma. You have nothing to say about Afghan Bullrider in terms of flavour, only that it ends too quickly perhaps. You’ll have to keep smoking to maintain the flavour floating around you. It’ll sweeten your taste buds and drive you to a smoking fiesta, though!

How does Afghan Bullrider affect you?


The question is, how doesn’t it affect you? Once you smoke this strain, the euphoric surge will penetrate your mind, taking away your depression and anxiety instantly. Then, it slowly turns into dizziness, fogginess, and introspective power. You’ll relish in the comfort of a happy and calm mind, where there no chaotic thoughts to disturb you. It’ll also increase your creativity for the time being, due to the enhanced introspective predilections. The psychoactive effects are really special in this one!

Finally, Afghan Bullrider treats your body with even more than that it does your mind. After the introspective drive reaches a peak, it slowly seeps throughout your body, placing it into a relaxing stasis. Steadily, the sedation occurs, reaching a full-blown couch-lock sensation in a matter of minutes. Nothing gets even closer to this form of relaxation, and Afghan Bullrider is very proficient at it. It can alleviate symptoms of anxiety, chronic pains, fatigue, stress, migraines, and even headaches.

4 reviews for Afghan Bullrider

  1. Patrizia

    O.M.G. this stuff is AMAZING!!

    This is an excellent strain for daytime use. Perked me up and allowed me to focus on work without feeling anxious. Got creative and was able to concentrate.

    Nice and smooth, no hacking. Definitely buying more.

  2. Georgia

    As usual, great quality bud with a nice earthy taste! Really pretty looking bud too! I normally use for anxiety and insomnia, which was relieved nicely with the bullrider. But I didn’t feel heavy nor were there any hazy/foggy feelings the next day!

  3. Patrick

    I was amazed by this product. The buds were dark green with really bright orange hairs, everywhere. The aroma was acrid and sweet. This quickly became my go-to morning smoke. The smoke comes off heavy and sweet. The taste was smooth and soothingly earthy. I found this flower to be totally uplifting. I had energy where there really was none. It filled my tank and treated me amazingly. Thanks again.

  4. Benjamin

    Bullrider is one of my favorite strains. This example did not let me down. Euphoric, uplifting high, with very long lasting effects.

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