Afghan Kush (Greenhouse Smalls)

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Afghan Kush (Greenhouse Smalls) Information

When you think you’ve seen them all, here comes Afghan Kush. This Indica strain reaches 18-21% THC concentration, and it delivers intense relaxing effects. Many consumers use this strain to treat their chronic pains, insomnia, and PMS. It’s especially useful for loss of appetite and migraines. That’s because the Indica-dominant effects are extremely soothing to the body. There’s no head buzz involved, only an ever-present relaxing body buzz.

Afghan Kush is your stereotypical Indica body buzzer that delivers intense sedative effects. Once you take a smoke, you’ll realize just how beneficial this strain can be. You’ll quickly become sleepy and hazy once Afghan Kush sends a wave of blissful sedation throughout your body. This may be caused by the relatively high CBD concentration, at 6%. Extremely few strains have CBD levels above 1 or 2%, so Afghan Kush is one-of-a-kind in this sense.

What does Afghan Kush look and taste like?


This strain appears to be a very vivid strain, with intensely dark-orange hairs running down the light-coloured nugs. There’s a huge number of resinous trichomes forming a thick coat of frost on the nugs and hairs. In fact, you’ll see a spot of whiteness which makes it hard to identify the nugs and hairs. The plant itself is rather sturdy and solid, making for a particularly impressive appearance. But, when you think you can’t be impressed further, enter the aroma and flavour!

Afghan Kush doesn’t have a rough or harsh flavour. Instead, the herbal pungency combines perfectly with the herbal and pine-like aromas. The funky aroma smells a bit of fruitiness and sweet wood. When you exhale, you’ll feel the clear floral kush flavour driving your taste buds mad. Finally, there’s a spiciness hidden there that takes everything to a new level. Afghan Kush is the true kush strain that delivers the best olfactive and psychoactive experience!

How are the effects of Afghan Kush?


This strain is one of the best therapeutic remedies in existence. Though, we’ll first go over its psychoactive effects. Afghan Kush has a very soothing head buzz which almost can’t be felt. The blissful state of relaxation starts with your head but quickly spreads throughout your body. It ends up sedating you into a state of intense couch-lock. Though, the medicinal values of this strain far outweigh its psychoactive effects.

With Afghan Kush, you can treat a number of medical conditions. Most consumers who’ve tried it report feeling more relaxed, sleepy, and a bit happier. Naturally, with relaxation comes a feeling of joy and soothing comfort. You may also become hungry after taking a few smokes from Afghan Kush. The body high doesn’t stop here, though. This strain is very efficient at alleviating the following medical conditions:

  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • PTSD
  • PMS
  • Migraines
  • Loss of appetite
  • Inflammation
  • Mild cases of neuropathic pains


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