Afghani Hash Plant

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90% Indica dominant

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Afghani Hash Plant Information

This strain’s name says it all. A cross between Afghani and Hash Plant, this strain is nearly a pure indica with a slight sativa lining. This strain is a descendant of Hash Plant, a timeless classic that first rose to prominence in the 1980s.

Its other parent, Afghani, is one of the most famous landraces in the history of cannabis. It’s also one of the original indica plants to make its way out of central Asia. With its combined pedigree, Afghani Hash Plant is a member of cannabis nobility, tracing its lineage back to the same place where most weed began.

What does Afghani Hash Plant do?

Afghani Hash Plant is a strongly indica-leaning hybrid – about 90 percent indica, to be exact. It has a respectable THC concentration that ranges somewhere between 10 and 20 percent.

This is a fairly high level of variation when it comes to THC concentration, but that’s because this strain isn’t as refined and heavily bred as many others. This THC concentration makes Afghani Hash Plant a great choice for any newer smokers who want to experience the high that indicas offer without feeling overpowered.

Indicas provide a sedative, relaxing high that helps lull its users into tranquility. Users report that Afghani Hash Plant has a potent body high, and induces relaxation and tingly feelings. It also boosts appetite, giving rise to the “munchies” common in many cannabis strains. It also may be able to help alleviate issues of several medical problems like Chron’s Disease, depression, insomnia, and stress.

Afghani Hash Plant Appearance and Aroma

Afghani Hash Plant’s scent predominantly features earthy, herbal, and woody tones. These aromas are cut with floral and spicy notes that sharpen this smell once it hits the nose. Its smell barely changes once you spark it up, although it does include a somewhat piney flavour.

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    One of my best

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