Afghani Sword Hash

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Afghani Sword Hash Information

8 reviews for Afghani Sword Hash

  1. crystal

    Good hash, burns clean, I bought it just curious about hash and the high it provides. I liked it

  2. mathieu

    Like it.Bought it on sale.Great addition to joints.Remind me of what we had back in the 90’s.When on sale its a great purchase.

  3. Guillaume

    Love this hash, burns well with weed in a joint, not too sticky, easy to use.
    good day buzz, taste and price…wow!

  4. Savannah

    I’ve bought this twice now and I’m about to order it again. Best bang for your buck. Soft and easy to break apart to roll. Great high, great smoke.

  5. Rob

    Love this hash. Best bang for your buck. Tastes great, not sticky, breaks up well in a joint and isn’t harsh at all. I am consistently impressed with the quality of the hash from this site
    I grew up in Ontario and moved out west later in life but am always chasing that old school black hash we used to get as kids lol. This stuff is pretty close, and pretty close to the same price we used to pay too. Hope they got a lot of this stuff cause I’m gonna get some every time I order

  6. Andre

    For what it is, the price is right. Decent taste and buzz i was pleasantly surprise when i started smoking it.
    Nice and soft but not too soft it blends good with whatever your using.

  7. William

    This is good hash. I disagree with buddy below, I’m smoking it in a pipe right now and it’s got a pretty nice sweet taste and excellent smell, to me it does remind me of the stuff we used to smoke in the 90s. I never cared then about where it came from and I don’t really care now , looks decent under the scope too.

  8. Jason

    Not bad hash, breaks up nicely when heated, nice and powdery, doesn’t stick to your fingers. This has smells and looks legit, the flavour however is just meh, doesn’t remind me of afghan. This is definitely domestic Canadian hash, very well crafted, not infused with oil, very clean. excellent buzz, strong. but wish the flavour was more like it’s name. Its still very very smokable, it’s just at my age, i am a little more flavour focused. Ultimately, at this price point it’s a fantastic deal.

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