African Transkei Toadstools

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African Transkei Toadstools Information

African Transkei Toadstools are the perfect magic mushrooms – small, compact, highly-concentrated, and ultra-potent. While this is a strain based on the African Transkei mushroom, its shape is quite different. It looks like a toadstool and it grows in compact groups, with a smaller size than most other magic mushroom strains. Due to the small and compact size, African Transkei Toadstools are more potent than ever before, leading to crazy psychedelic experiences.

What do African Transkei Toadstools look like?


One major difference between the African Transkei Toadstools and other magic mushrooms is its compact and smaller size. You can think of this shroom as growing in small groups of 7-8 specimens. They’re very wrinkled, just like African Transkei, with a brown cap and shades of purple and blue dotting the stalk. That’s a sign of the high concentration of psilocybin, which is just good.

The visual impact is excellent, considering that most magic mushrooms are a bit bigger and even majestic in some cases. These ones look just like the wrinkled and evil-looking hottest Mexican peppers you’ve seen. You know they have nothing good in mind from the moment you see them. The purple patterns can spread from just beneath the cap all the way to the bottom of the stalk. Severe wrinkles can also be seen on the cap when dried out.

What are the effects of African Transkei Toadstools?


Psychedelia and psychoactive effects are the bread and butter of African Transkei Toadstools. You’ve never consumed such potent mushrooms before. Due to their small size and compact structure, their psilocybin levels are off the charts. You can expect a nice wave of euphoria enveloping your mind, calming down your worries and depressive thoughts. Then, you’ll feel motivated and more energetic as the hallucinations dawn over you. They’re quite intense and vivid, with nothing to differentiate them from reality. You can also expect:

  • Synesthesia
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Time warps
  • Ego dissolution
  • Spiritual experiences
  • Profound connectedness to nature
  • Dancing lights and fractal surfing

If that were all, then African Transkei Toadstools wouldn’t be this good. Now, the therapeutic effects come galloping forward. As you may know, psilocybin is best used to treat treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, cluster headaches, migraines, insomnia, and even some cancer symptoms. These Toadstools are stronger than most magic mushrooms thanks to their heightened levels of psilocybin. One experience with these toadstools equals the intensity of two psychedelia experiences with other shrooms!


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