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Alacabenzi Chocolates Information

Ever wish there was a tastier, easier way to do mushrooms than eating dried fungi? Now’s your chance with these Alacabenzi Chocolates. These tasty chocolate treats are made with psilocybin derived from Alacabenzi Cubensis magic mushrooms. Uniting taste with function, they’re a must-have for any culinary-conscious psychonaut.

What do Alacabenzi Chocolates Look and Taste Like

In the wild, Alacabenzi Mushrooms appear as large, symmetrical mushrooms with a white stem and rounded cap. The outer ring of the cap is a faint off-white colour, with the huge approaching orange and brown closer to the centre.

These chocolates don’t have much in common with the mushrooms that made them. Alacabenzi Chocolates are rich, tasty chocolate bars indistinguishable from other types of chocolate candy. They don’t feature any unique smell or taste that would indicate there’s anything but chocolate within them, either. As a result, they’re super portable and great for on-the-go users. Just don’t forget that they’ll melt if they get too hot!

What do Alacabenzi Chocolates Do?

The principal ingredient in these chocolates, psilocybin, is a naturally-occurring molecule that can induce psychedelic experiences in users. These experiences typically include time dilation, hallucinations, and bouts of synesthesia (hearing colours, seeing sounds). These effects typically set in after 30-60 minutes, when a user will begin to yawn – a telltale sign their trip is starting. Trips can last between 4 and 6 hours, depending on dosage and the user’s specific body biology.

Anyone who hasn’t taken mushrooms before should tread lightly the first few times they take magic mushrooms. Psilocybin isn’t dangerous or toxic, and you can’t overdose. However, inexperienced users may find themselves in the midst of a “bad trip,” feeling sensations like worry and anxiety. To prevent this, start with a low dose of psilocybin – a gram or less usually gets the job done. Then, slowly increase dosage over time. Experienced psychonauts may regularly take doses of 3 grams or more.


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