Alaskan Thunder Fuck

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70% Sativa Dominant Hybrid

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck Information

Alaskan Thunder Fuck has a woodsy aroma with notes of cedar and pine when it is properly cured. It generally carries 60% Sativa and 40% Indica content with THC levels that have been tested as high as 27% making the effects of this strain potent and best suited for more experienced users.


Alaskan Thunder Fuck can be used in the morning as it may offer an energetic boost for your mind and body. Its cerebral high may help you tap into higher levels of creativity while enabling you to execute your projects with productivity from a place of increased focus. Besides focus and creativity, this strain can also deliver a sense of relaxation that can potentially act as a shield against stress or depression.


The Effects Of This Strain


Alaskan Thunder Fuck may help its users thrive in deep analytical thinking that can help them problem-solve more efficiently. Some users have reported that while using this strain, their creative brainstorming flows more easily. But besides its cerebral high, this marijuana bud is used to help with a variety of medicinal needs as well.


Attention Deficit Disorder. Alaskan Thunder Fuck generally provides a long-lasting lucidity that may help those with attention deficit disorders gain and sustain more focus on a single task.


Stress and Depression. This Sativa weed carries euphoric and mood-boosting properties that may counteract the negative effects of stress and depression enabling you to experience more of a positive energy.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties. The pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties of this marijuana bud can potentially decrease the levels of pain and aches in your body. It may also reduce the intensity of your nausea while helping you regain some of your appetites.


A Complex Taste


Alaskan Thunder Fuck has pine and cedar as its primary aroma in harmony with subtle notes of chocolate and nuts. If you pay close enough attention, you will most likely notice hints of lemon as well.


The smoke of this bud can potentially be hard for some users as you may experience an acrid element to it. Upon exhale, you may observe a lingering sour lemon taste. With Alaskan Thunder Fuck it will be almost impossible to keep your smoking discreet because of its pungent smoke. Even for experienced cannabis users who are new to this strain, we recommend starting with a lower dose until you get more familiar with its potency.

7 reviews for Alaskan Thunder Fuck

  1. Romain

    ATF is one of the greatest strain coming from the Pacific north west.
    A real sativa that delivers a rushing high that will last a long time.
    The buds are nicely cured, beautiful colors and homogeneous weight (not dense, not light). The smell is incredible, opening the bag anywhere surely turns some heads around ! Love it.
    The high is strong, reminiscent of old sativas that you can smoke again and again because you opened your third eye a little bit and you can’t/won’t come back !
    100% recommended !

  2. ADAM

    I bought a small bag on a recommendation. I will be buying again!! something like this doesn’t come along every day. It really reminds me of the coming out of white widow, or a few years later blueberry. presentation, taste, effect are all there. Don’t give to may 5’s but ladies and gents this is one.. Thanks

  3. Nicolas

    I’ts the first time I buy Alaskan Thunderfuck and I am very pleased. I bought it because the name was tempting, and also because I really like sativa weed. If you want a real sativa buzz, this one is for you!

    I’ve took it by bong at first and it hit instantly, the high of the buzz was there for 1h30 to 2h long, so I was very happy with this purchase. In bonus, you have a nice munchies at the end 🙂 enjoy! I give 5 / 5.

  4. Melissa

    Didn’t care for this strain. Purchased it because it’s supposed to be very potent but was the exact opposite. Felt like it did nothing. Not impressed. Purchased 3.5 g and burned through it very quickly trying to get some effect from it.

  5. Morgan

    I like to order a couple extra grams of a different strain sometime just to try. I got 3.5 gs of this and the scent this has is really intense! It is very stinky! like whew don’t open this anywhere you don’t want to stink up! The effects were good too! I would say for a sativa its very strong, maybe not the best for daytime use.

  6. Eric

    The name was why I bought it but the quality and high is why I’d buy it again
    great for day time chill sessions in the summer

  7. Deryk

    All Imma say is this strain kicks some serious ass! ?

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