Alien OG

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60% Sativa hybrid strain

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Alien OG Information

Alien OG is not only a great-looking strain that makes a stunning first impression, but also a fairly potent strain. Its THC concentration comes down to 20-26%, and toward the end of the stoning, the physical effects will sedate you. From an initial state of euphoric rejuvenation, all the way to physical sedation, Alien OG delivers a pleasing experience. Its flavour is very tasty, especially for people who love lemon flavours. Its sweet and woody aroma will fill your lungs with pleasure.

What does Alien OG look and taste like?

This strain appears as a strange sight among other strains, since it shines with an eerie purple glow. These purple shades are spread throughout the dark-green buds and bright-orange hairs. You can see how that would appear quite unearthly and otherworldly. That’s how Alien OG was named, on the one hand. Its buds are quite big, and they appear even more impressive when contrasted with the long orange hairs sprouting from them.

Flavour-wise, Alien OG continues to impress in a strange and eerie manner. Once you taste it, this strain delivers an instant dose of lemon spiciness, with an exhale of pine and woody potency. It’s high time you fully enjoyed a strain that’s up to your standards. Alien OG is both skunky and pungent, with its lemon and pine flavours taking center-stage. You simply can’t get bored of it, no matter how much you smoke!

How does Alien OG affect you?

Whether it’s mind-altering stoning or physical therapy, Alien OG has the potential to offer both with great potency. Its THC concentration is 20-26%, and you can feel the raw power suffusing from its aroma and flavour. Once the THC gets into your lungs, it’s game over for your clarity of mind. First, a wave of euphoria will wash over your mind, splintering any remnants of depression and anxiety. Happiness and calmness become the main state of mind now.

But that’s just the beginning. When the physical effects start kicking it, a storm of sedation will hit you. It’s not full-on sedation, since Alien OG is only 50% Indica, with the rest being Sativa. However, that half measure of Indica reveals a focused type of relaxation that doesn’t put you to sleep immediately. Though, it can treat insomnia problems right away, if you let yourself fall asleep. It can also treat:

  • Nausea
  • PTSD
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Chronic pains
  • Depression
  • Loss of appetite
  • Migraines
  • Anxiety

9 reviews for Alien OG

  1. matthew

    Very nice bud, smokes well and has a nice sativa effect for daytime use.

  2. Mark

    Nice smooth product, buzz was okay.Great looking buds. Again another great deal on this site.

  3. Mike

    This is the best flavor strain I’ve ever had. The most unique flavour I’ve ever had. Can’t compare it too any other weed the only description is its alien flavoured. Breaks up great smells delicious and looks gorgeous. A all around 10 outta 10!

  4. Rachel

    Awesome sativa very light easy to take off and still get the work done tasty bud

  5. Stephone

    MMJ is great for having unique strains. Alien OG is a great social sativa guaranteed to have laughs and smiles with buddies. Anytime I see these unique players come back around I know I will enjoy!

  6. Judy

    MMJ never disappoints! Nice creative high to pick up the guitar a write some songs. Tastes great!

  7. Deryk

    One of my new favorite strains! Like MMJ’s description of this product says… it absolutely stanks!!
    It has a nice lasting high, and tastes devine

  8. Giuseppe

    Great Flavour, great smell, smokes really smooth. mostly the high is cerebral but not “speedy” or anxious.

  9. James

    Although a sativa hybrid I did not experience a racy feeling or any agitation for lack of a better word.

    Reasonably dense buds and a balanced body/brain high.

    Good all-purpose smoke for beginner to novice tokers.

    Clear headed for day time and level for night time. It won’t knock you out like a Mack truck for sleep but it also won’t keep you awake and agitated.

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