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Animal Face Information

Animal Face is an 80% Sativa and 20% Indica marijuana strain with THC levels as high as 26%. This level of potency is usually recommended for more advanced cannabis users as its effects can be hard-hitting. The cerebral high of this weed flower generally offers an uplifting, energetic, and euphoric high that may boost one’s mood and potentially help individuals who are suffering from a variety of mood disorders such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, and more.


The body high of Animal Face could ease chronic pain and inflammation in the body, potentially helping with severe pain caused by conditions such as arthritis, migraines, neuropathic pain, pain caused by a serious injury, and more. Many users report that the high of this weed plant may relieve nausea and elevate healthier appetite levels. With a tasty flavour of sugary, sweet, pine, and nutty notes, Animal Face is dedicated to a pleasantly wholesome high experience.


A Day Strain For Euphoria And Calmness


Animal Face is oftentimes used to help with cloudy thoughts and negative feelings. Its mood-boosting abilities may ease feelings of anxiety and offer a state of peace and mental relaxation. When the high of this cannabis strain fully settles in, you may notice that a sensation of hunger follows asking for a meal or some tasty snacks. The use of Animal Face is best-suited for daytime use and we would recommend it for more experienced users.


Chronic pain. One of the effects of this cannabis plant may ease chronic pain and reduce inflammation in the body. The pain-alleviating effects may ease symptoms of arthritis, cramps, nausea, migraines, back pain, neuropathic pain, and much more.


Appetite loss. One of the beneficial properties of Animal Face usually addresses the struggle of appetite loss, causing a healthier sense of hunger to step in so its user can eat and get the nourishment they may need.


Stress. When stress gets in the way of things, such as productivity, energy, concentration, or positive energy, the relaxing traits of this weed strain may offer a comforting sense of calmness.


Mood swings. The euphoric and uplifting effects of Animal Face may potentially reduce symptoms caused by depression, anxiety, or PTSD.


A Cocktail Of Notes For A Complex Taste


Animal Face carries similar notes in both its aroma and flavour profile. As you break open the buds, sweet notes of pine, nuts, and earthy wrapped in a diesel highlight may greet your nose. Its taste also carries a sugary sweetness enriched with nutty and pine flavours seasoned with a diesel touch.

2 reviews for Animal Face

  1. Jeff

    Nice relaxing high but with a tinge of woohoo at the front end. Giggles and laughter will ensue. Sweetness!

  2. Patrizia

    This really helps with my anxiety and my boyfriend’s PTSD.

    It’s a nice gradual high and long lasting. Boosts moods, energizing and uplifting. Nice and smooth, no hack or cough.

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