Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective

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Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective Information

Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective is a weed hybrid. The THC levels of this bud can be consistently found around 20-24%, offering moderate to high uplifting, mood-boosting, relaxing, and pain-soothing effects. Depending on the batch, you may find an even higher (or lower) THC potency of this bud.


This marijuana hybrid is a great strain for daytime use, as its overall high is euphoric and energetic. The uplifting effects of this bud may boost your mood with positive energy. This could help when stress or anxiety when these start to cripple your day. The focused high of Ape Cake #38 may soothe fatigue and allow you to zone in on the tasks in front of you. This strain also carries anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties that could help with physical aches and stress.


Well-Rounded Mental And Physical Effects


Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective may offer you the boost you need for a day of productivity, tranquillity, and positivity. Your mental focus may increase, while your anxious feelings may decrease. The high of this weed bud could make you more social as symptoms of stress or depression may be silenced in the background.


A state of calmness. The relaxing properties of Ape Cake #38 usually calm the mind from racing thoughts and soothe your body from tensions to offer you a sense of comforting tranquillity.


Focus. The initial high of this marijuana strain may deliver a burst of focus and creativity so you can accomplish tasks and check off your to-do list.


Happy vibes. The uplifting and euphoric high of Ape Cake #38 provides mood-boosting qualities that will most likely cause you to feel an energetic sense of positive energy. This usually relieves symptoms caused by anxiety or depression.


Relaxed mind and body. The relaxing high of this weed strain is usually energetic instead of causing a lazy crash. This calming and soothing effect is known to alleviate symptoms of stress and tension.


Pain-Relieving Qualities


Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective also offers anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This full-body high may soothe physical aches while delivering a sense of energetic comfort. If you are oftentimes struggling with physical pains and discomforts, such as headaches, inflammation, joint aches, back pain (and much more), then the pain-alleviating effects of this cannabis flower may help.


If you are new to this marijuana strain, keep in mind that effects can range from moderate to higher potency. Start with a smaller dose, and if it is necessary, you may increase your dosage slowly.

3 reviews for Ape Cake #38 by Gastown Collective

  1. Lauren

    Honestly bought it for the name but was pleasantly surprised by the potency. A great strain to share on a night in with friends. Ended up naming a pokemon after it <3

  2. Ian

    Love this stuff. Doesn’t make me sleepy and brings the mood up to a ten. Tastes great and smells great. This one and mimosa are my go to buds but don’t see mimosa anymore so this ones the one!

  3. Alexandre

    Top shelf !
    Gastown did it agiiiinn

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