Apple Cinnamon Tincture – Horses

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30ml Bottle – 250mg CBD

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Apple Cinnamon Tincture – Horses Information

To buy Apple Cinnamon tincture for horses, MMJDirect provides a safe and secure way to do that. It’s really simple to order Apple Cinnamon Tincture for horses online – just put it in your shopping bin, check out, and the rest is history.

Made from industrial hemp, Apple Cinnamon Tincture for horses promotes and maintains better health, and alleviates aches and pains from injury or old age. Your horse should lead a better life with this cannabis product at your disposal. Whenever the pains start making a scene, just apply this tincture and everything should be fine.

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Why is this product good for horses?

CBD (or Cannabidiol), is a truly wonderful healthy treat for pets. This Apple Cinnamon Tincture for Horses has helped pets overcome seizures, anxiety, and various types of pain, usually from torn muscles or arthritis. Pets that could barely move are walking and sometimes running again thanks this product.

To make sure your horse will benefit the most after consuming this product, make sure you start out with a good enough dose. Don’t use too much because you’re bound to be wasting it, and it might not provide additional effects. Use as much as you need to relieve your horse’s pains or aches.

With this 50ml bottle containing 250mg worth of CBD at the ready, your horse should have a much better life, lacking in any pains or sickness symptoms. Use MMJDirect to buy Apple Cinnamon Tincture for horses online in Canada without worries!

How to buy Apple Cinnamon Tincture for horses online in Canada

MMJDirect leaves everyone in the dust through a couple of things – professionalism, good-quality products, and overall safety provided to our clients. We ensure your discretion remains untouched at all times.

Is it safe to buy Apple Cinnamon Tincture for horses online? Yes, on MMJDirect it is! By using Canada Post, we will ship your products in as much as 5 business days. If your order was over $150, we will cover your transport expenses in full.


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