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Array RSO Syringe 1ml Information

Rick Simpson Oil is among the most concentrated cannabis oils in Canada. Originally developed by a Canadian engineer suffering from skin cancer, this oil has already become a staple of the cannabis industry. This 1ml syringe contains between 60-90% THC, and generally, this oil is made from Indica strains. Array uses Indica strains for the most part, though hybrids are also used sometimes, with a maximum of 10% Sativa.

If the crossing between two hybrids leads to intense energizing effects, the healing benefits become stale and less efficient. When you want to experience true tranquility, relaxation, and healing benefits, the Array RSO Syringe makes its presence felt. Only pure-quality THC distillate is used in the making of this RSO Oil!

What are the effects of the Array RSO Syringe 1ml?


We’re talking about Array, which is a renowned Canadian manufacturer of healing cannabis concentrates. Their RSO Syringe provides excellent therapeutic benefits to medical patients who are suffering of chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. In other words, this oil should help you manage your symptoms regardless of your medical condition. Even with cancer symptoms, the RSO oil has positive results in its favour.

Countless medical patients report that the Array RSO Syringe is enough for a single use. If you’re smart about it, you can even use it more than one time, depending on the severity of your medical condition. What you should do first is analyze your body and assess your need for therapy. Are your symptoms severe? Then you should use a larger dose of the RSO Syringe! Either way, this oil will spread the THC throughout your bloodstream, which affects your mind and body over time. During the therapeutic experience, your body becomes sedated and your mind tranquil!

How should you consume the RSO Syringe efficiently?


There’s only one piece of advice worth giving – do everything it takes to alleviate your symptoms! This Array RSO Syringe contains 1ml of pure-grade substance filled with THC distillate. The profile of this oil is Indica-dominant, which means the healing effects will receive a boost. Without the euphoria and energizing effects coming to interfere with the therapeutic benefits, this oil is much more beneficial to medical patients.

If you want to treat your anxiety or depression, then it’s worth it to try this oil out! Thanks to the high purity of the THC distillate and its high concentration, this RSO Syringe is a great asset in many people’s lives. If you know your tolerance level, it’s even better to dose out this syringe for further uses.


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