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Atomic Bomb Information

Atomic Bomb is a combination of THC-dominant strains. This cannabis weed strain is an evenly balanced hybrid with a Sativa to Indica ratio of about 50:50. Atomic Bomb is a great strain for experienced users who want to benefit from a strong cerebral and body high offering a euphoric, uplifting, energetic, and creative high. The THC levels of this weed strain range between 22-26%.


Atomic Bomb was created by crossing THC Bomb, Emerald Triangle Kush, and Chemdawg. The flavour of this strain is a pleasant blend of chemical menthol and fuel berry. Its smoke can be harsh, but nothing well-seasoned users can’t handle. The full-body relaxation provided by this bud offers pain-relieving and sedative properties to ease pain caused by conditions such as arthritis.


A Soothing Surge Of Effects


This evenly balanced cannabis hybrid delivers a hard high. In the beginning, you are most likely to experience an uplifting cerebral high with a surge of euphoria that may increase your focus and mental productivity, but after a while, you may find yourself spacing out. The mental high is generally followed by a warm, relaxing, and oftentimes sedative body effect to potentially help with a variety of health conditions.


Migraines and other pain. The muscle-relaxing and pain-soothing properties of Atomic Bomb may ease symptoms of pain caused by migraines, arthritis, muscle spasms, Parkinson’s Disease, or other medical conditions.


Stress and anxiety. The mood-enhancing, euphoric, and stimulating effects of this cannabis bud may alleviate symptoms of stress and anxiety, even depression while offering a wave of happy feelings, creativity, and overall positivity.


Nausea. If you are struggling with nausea, even the one caused by chemotherapy treatments, Atomic Bomb might be able to help with this while potentially increasing your appetite levels.


Insomnia. The body high of this strain may offer deeper levels of relaxation and sedation that might help some users slide into a sleepy state followed by a good sleep.


A Berry Fuel Taste


Atomic Bomb is best suited for the afternoon. The flavour profile of this evenly balanced hybrid will most likely offer you the taste of berries and fuel. The aftertaste left behind by the smoke of this bud has notes of refreshing menthol. The scent of this smoke may give off hints of chemicals and citrus.


The high THC levels of about 26% can bring about intense effects that are best suited for well-seasoned marijuana users.

5 reviews for Atomic Bomb

  1. Maxime

    This is my first purchase here and I wasn’t let down. The buds I got are huge! Nice change from other sources. The pictures and the description of the taste given seems accurate. The odor is one of diesel mixed with a touch of fruits. When I vaped this one I also got a hint of that menthol flavor they mention.

    The effects are pleasant. There is a high content THC in there, for sure. I first felt a little energetic which got me busy and after a while I was happy to sit down and relax. I found it nicely balanced.

    Overall, a very nice experience. Will order again !

  2. Alexandre

    Good but i didnt think the high was that strong ,
    (Especially with that name too)
    Overall sill pretty good for a quad!

  3. Justin

    This strain is phenomenal, really strong THC left me in a euphoric trance which gradually moved to being locked to my couch. Highly recommend!

  4. Adam

    for when you don’t know what type of strain you want and want it POTENT. had a blast with this flower.

  5. Benjamin

    Huge Buds are always a nice treat. This one has an amazing floral, light aroma. Left the grinder dusty with trichomes.
    A nice, smooth smoke with an uplifting high, this was a real pleaser! I would highly recommend this, especially in the evening with good friends!

    5 stars indeed!!!!!

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