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Ayahuasca Purple

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$8.00 - $12.00 / Per Gram

70% Indica dominant hybrid strain

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For thousands of years, indigenous people in South America brewed a psychoactive tea made from native herbs. This tea was said to possess vast powers and was utilized in religious ceremonies to instill a deeper understanding of the universe.

Ayahuasca Purple, developed by Amsterdam-based breeders Barney’s Farm takes its name from this traditional tea, but it doesn’t induce the same level of the intense psychedelic experience as that legendary plant, nor does it contain any of the same active ingredients. However, this strain’s its heavy Indica high produces similar feelings of tranquillity and oneness for those seeking a deeper understanding of the world. It also possesses a unique flavour profile, with the subtle taste of nuts combining pleasurably with the sweet tones of tropical fruit.

Uses and Effects

Ayahuasca Purple is not a strain for the unwary. Its Indica genetics make it highly sedative, and it can easily overwhelm new smokers. Its unique cannabinoid profile is part of the reason behind its potency. With a high THC concentration and moderate CBD content, its effects are more pronounced than many other indicas. That’s because of the Entourage Effect, a phenomenon that causes multiple cannabinoids to enhance each other’s’ effects.

As a result, Ayahuasca Purple has several possible health benefits. It may be able to reduce swelling and inflammation, relieve chronic pain, boost appetite, and alleviate chronic muscle or joint issues. It may also be able to banish feelings of stress and anxiety. A little goes a long way with this strain. It’s best utilized at the end of the day to relax and unwind. Its heavy body high may also be a helpful aid for those who need a better night’s sleep.

Appearance and Aroma

While this strain’s powerful sedative effects would be enough to entice any regular Indica smoker, its unique, subtle flavour profile seals the deal for anyone else. It’s not often that you find a strain with the same nutty, fruity flavour as Ayahuasca Purple. Once you light it up, that taste only gets more complex. It’s hard to describe the union of nutty and fruity because it’s such a rare combination. You’ll just have to try it yourself.

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  1. Rachel

    Great strain. Heavy hitter

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