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B+ Chocolates Information

B+ Chocolates can deliver strong mind-altering hallucinations. The dosage consumed, your mental state, and your tolerance level will play a determining role in this. If you are a beginner, don’t sweat, some methods can help you maximise your opportunity for a great trip. 

This specific magic mushroom strain is used for the colourful visual it provides that is warm and spiritual in nature. This is one of the best strains to use as a beginner. 

A Spiritual High With Medicinal Benefits

Although everyone who wants to consume shroom-infused edibles is usually interested in its magical high, it is worth noting that the high offered by B+ Chocolates also carries some medicinal properties. 

Because of their euphoric high, these edibles can help with symptoms of stress and depression, but they can also effectively tackle several other medical conditions, including headaches. 

Besides these health benefits, what B+ Chocolates are most popular for is the spiritual high they can offer that is quite magical providing an awakened experience that is outside of our ordinary world. But the exact experience depends on a variety of factors, including your mental state, your surrounding, the dose consumed, the foods you eat beforehand, and more. 

Dosage For A Positive Experience

B+ Chocolates have one of the highest numbers of positive feedbacks from its users. Experienced enthusiasts even refer to the B+ strain as nature’s gift as it is ideal for a wide variety of occasions and situations. But as in all beginnings, going slow is key as you experiment with its effects and the high you personally will experience from it. 

Fortunately, some helpful guides can be followed for anyone new and inexperienced. Consuming magic mushrooms infused in chocolates can be a bit tricky because these edibles really look like regular chocolates, so you may consume more than you should without even thinking about it. 

So where can you start? Remember this golden rule – you can always add if you consume too little, but you cannot take away if you consume too much. So, start small and go slow. One whole B+ chocolate might be too strong to start, or it might be just the right amount. If this is your first time, you can’t know for sure. So start with a quarter piece and increase the dosage from there, but only after waiting at least 1 or maybe even 3 hours before doing so.

3 reviews for B+ Chocolates

  1. Jessica

    I am an experienced psilocybin user and these are delightful! 1 chocolate is good for beginners and 2-3 if you’re feeling adventurous! It comes on very lightly and everything is bright and shiny and a great mood booster.

  2. Jennifer

    Had 1 of these and enjoyed it. It was sweet and earthy, very tasty. Made me feel warm and fuzzy. I had a nice time melting into my environment. Effects hit within 20 minutes and lasted about 2 to 3 hours. Very good for a chill time.

  3. Senja

    Very tasty and very potent ! Lasted a long time and made me feel so good !

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