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Bacon Tinctures – Dogs Information

Give your furry friend a treat in the shape of this bacon flavoured Pet Tincture in MCT Oil Base. If your dog happens to love the salty goodness of bacon, and what dog doesn’t, then he will adore The Bacon Tincture from Apawthecarypets.

Made right here in Canada, where you can buy Bacon Tinctures online, this product is composed only of non-GMO, human-grade food ingredients. In this way, you can rest assured your favourite furry playtime mate gets only the best supplements.

Give your best friend a helping hand

Bacon Tinctures as a product is made from industrial hemp and was created to help your dog in the best way possible. Whether he is suffering from ailments associated with old age, aches and pains that you would like to relieve for him or simply improve the quality of his life and maintain his health, you can buy Bacon Tinctures online as a way to show you care.

Bacon Tinctures is rich in CBD but does not contain any THC, as that would be detrimental to your pet’s health. CBD or Cannabidiol extracted from the highest quality industrial hemp can be a healthy treat for a pet.

Users who have purchased this product for their dogs, state that it has improved symptoms of Arthritis, different types of pain, and even reduce the number of seizures. Others state they have dogs that could barely walk before being treated to a course of Bacon Tinctures but which now are up and running.

Dosing guidelines and general recommendations

The bottle of Bacon Tinctures comes with a dropper for easy dosage. You can buy Bacon Tinctures online in Canada from our shops for an easy way to treat your dog to his daily intake of CBD. If you wish, you can choose between the 120mg CBD and the 600mg CBD versions of this product.

Start at 4mg – 10mg for dogs that weigh up to 75lbs. Use once or twice a day.

Start at 10mg – 20mg for dogs that weigh 75lbs or more. Use once or twice a day.

You can add this product to food. However, it will be more effective when applied to the gums or under the tongue.

Please start with a low dose to see how your pet reacts to it. You can increase the dose by 4-5mg per serving. Stop when you notice your pet is feeling better.

Please understand that not all dogs respond the same to this supplement. Some dogs may respond well to as little as 0.1mg per pound of bodyweight. If required, a dog can consume up to 0.4mg of CBD per pound of bodyweight.

22 reviews for Bacon Tinctures – Dogs

  1. Adam

    I purchased the Bacon Tincture in both the 120mg and 300mg strength for our aging large dog(approx 75-80lbs) with struggles related to her hips/legs and anxiety issues.

    Our dog loved the bacon flavor and we often dosed her with this just by dripping it over her food or using small pieces of cheese that we would drip the Tincture onto.

    We definitely noticed improvements in both her anxiety and pain. It wasn’t necessarily a magical cure all, however it most definitely provided benefits without any sorts of side effects.

    I found that for our large dog, the 300mg version was far more effective for her problems.

    I would recommend this to try for anyone with a dog experiencing pain/inflammation or anxiety! I have a friend who used the 120mg version for his smaller dog (10-15lbs) and also had good results.

  2. Ryan

    Great product my dogs anxiety is no more. Highly reccomend

  3. Giulia

    Honestly if I could give this a better rating than a 5 star I would! My dog is happy and able to play ball. He’s not in any pain, I have a new dog!

  4. Vicky

    Love this for my rotti who has a hip issue, will continue to use as preventative measures as well! She is not fond of the taste, but hidden in with peanut butter….No Problem😊

  5. Amber

    Purchased for my little dog with heart failure. Due to the diuretics she is on, her nose dried up and started to crack badly. A drop of this on the nose each day clear it right up. She also has a bit for pep. Only issue is that she doesn’t like the taste.

  6. Alex

    Keeps my dog calm and more relaxed, he barks less and just seems happier/healthier . His back leg doesnt seem to hurt anymore and hes really kicked up a knotch! Going to contiune to buy these thanks again

  7. Brittany

    My dog loves this. He’s 16 and it seems to help a moderate amount for his arthritis and anxiety. It’s not a miracle by any means but he’ll gladly eat it and it does have a slight positive effect. Have repurchased three times now and will continue to do so as long as I’ve got him.

  8. Kate

    My dog absolutely loved this. I use this every time we go on a road trip and rather than pant and freak out she just falls asleep hard. Great stuff!

  9. Kate

    Works great for high anxiety dogs or when you need to go on a long car ride (for those dogs who hate the car).

  10. Chad

    We bought this for our 8 year old dog who has anxiety. Any loud noise would send her under a table shaking for hours. She was also extremely skittish if something startled her. So we started this treatment less then a month ago and we have a new dog. Shes calm, quiet and not at all anxious. Would recommend over and over again. A+++

  11. Brittany

    Really helps my dogs arthritis pain. Not sure if it helps with his anxiety at all, but I’m going to continue to use it.

  12. Steven

    I have an 11 year old lab who’s had TPLO surgery on both hind knees. She’s been on this stuff for a few months now and it seems to relieve her arthritis and anxiety quite well.

  13. Nicholas

    My dog loves it! Have begun dosing as a preventative measure since I have a Shepherd and they are notorious for hip issues. He loves the taste and scarfs down his food whenever I put a couple drops on…he was slowing down a bit at 7 but now has the spring of a young dog.

  14. Brittany

    I don’t think it does anything for my dog’s anxiety, but his arthritis pain does seem to be improved, and he LOVES the taste.

  15. Justin

    The dogs must not think it tastes like Bacon, but there was a noticeable different in my hounds mobility after a week of steady use.

  16. Nadine

    This stuff is liquid gold for elderly dogs! My dogs mobility has improved so much and her coat is even gorgeous ?

  17. Serge

    This really helpd my aging St Bernards for theirs mobility

  18. Kathryn

    My cat loves the bacon flavor. It has helped significantly with her “over grooming,” anxiety and appetite. Best part is I don’t have to hide it from her… she will wait for me to put it on her food!
    >^..^< ~ How purrrfect

  19. Kaitlyn

    300mg is the best bang for your buck! It has my old dog up and as active again, great product!

  20. Alexandra

    Our 12 year old doxie loves this stuff, and he hates everything. He got his appetite back, it helps his anxiety and he acts like a young pup again. Absolutely love it!

  21. Leanne

    I have a 16 y old beagle mix. Has had some troubles on “bad days” . Usually humid or cold. Today was a bad day. It was difficult to get him up. I received this earlier. He had .25 ml on a bit of soft food. Hes been a bit perky and his usual willful self. Thank you…A million times….thank you

  22. Anonymous

    It seems to have helped my dog’s anxiety.

  23. Anonymous

    My 13 year old Lab’s arthritis was so bad, she didn’t even want to go for walks. Now she’s running!

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