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Banana Kush Information

Banana Kush is a cannabis hybrid with approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa offering a stimulative mental high with relaxing and sedative physical effects. Its THC levels may range between 18-22% resulting in moderate strength, although depending on the batch, variations of this are likely to occur. With a delicious taste of bananas and tropical notes, this bud may be a tasty great late-afternoon smoke.

This marijuana strain usually starts with a euphoric and creative cerebral high followed by relaxing sedation for the body. The effects of Banana Kush may ease the symptoms of a variety of health conditions, including mood disorders, depression, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Benefits For Both The Body And Mind


Banana Kush offers a uniquely creative and relaxing well-rounded high that may clear the mind while removing stress and worries. Its cerebral high can potentially give a creative boost for inspiration and social get-togethers. The relaxing and sedative effects of this strain may alleviate pain in the body while making room for motivation, focus, and elevation.

Chronic mood disorders. Banana Kush has the great potential of uplifting your spirits with positive energy and euphoric vibrations. These effects may help individuals suffering from chronic mood disorders and stress.

Depression and fatigue. This marijuana hybrid may offer some relief for patients suffering from a lack of motivation, depression, and anxiety offering an uplifting boost in mood.

Pain and other conditions. The sedative properties present in Banana Kush may alleviate pain. The strain could potentially also act as a remedy for a variety of medical conditions, including PTSD, MS, ALS, and fibromyalgia.

A Bundle Of Tropical Goodness

Banana Kush is a cross between two popular marijuana strains – Skunk Haze hybrid and Ghost OG. This cannabis flower carries the notes of bananas in both its aroma and taste. This dominating taste is enriched by hints of tropical fruits with a touch of skunkiness. Its impactful flavour is rich in sweet highlights.

The appearance of this strain is quite exotic as well. Its buds are featuring almost neon-green looks with strokes of bright yellow. Burnt orange hairs grow amongst the lively leaves. The trichomes found on this plant are resinous and sticky.

The effects of Banana Kush may range from moderate to more intense potency making this bud more suited for experienced users.

16 reviews for Banana Kush

  1. Justin

    This was a decent buy. Not the most potent weed out there, but this is about as cheap as it gets. Street weed of comparable prices is practically unsmokable.

    The aroma of this product was awesome. Very fruity with a hint of pungeant kushiness. Upon lighting these buds follows a taste matching the sweet aromas spewed from the flower. The high is sativa-based and not especially potent.

    To conclude, a very solid purchase if you’re a new user who can’t handle teh heavy stuff, or if you want to save some cash in exchange for a less intense high.

  2. Morgan

    This strain was ok, relaxing light buzz good for daytime high.

  3. Amardeep

    Oh man, Banana Kush is the bomb! I bought it because I wanted to relax after a long day at work, and it totally helped me unwind. The fruity, tropical taste was like a vacation in a joint, and the high was so mellow and blissful. I felt all my worries and stress melt away, and I just wanted to sink into the couch and watch some Netflix. It was also great for my chronic pain and headaches, which have been bothering me for years. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to chill out and feel good. Just be warned that it can be quite strong, so don’t overdo it. Overall, Banana Kush is one of my new favorites, and I’ll definitely be buying it again!

  4. John David

    This what exactly as I expected, a nice ratio between flower and very little stem on the smalls – the buds feature a mix of lime green and darker tones with a mix of purple undertones. This is certainly on the higher end of a mid grade for aroma and flavour but it falls on the lower end of potency. Good for when you’re smoking on the go and don’t necessarily have the time to burn the entire joint before you get to your destination because the price allows for copious bag of flower and waste won’t have you feeling guilty with the price tag. For regular smokers this is a good filler bud, for newer stoners this is great for activities because the touch is on the lighter side and the taste is pleasant.

  5. Jennifer

    Really pleased with this strain. Left me feeling up and giddy and on the light side of things. Great for hanging out with friends. Also, the buds smell and taste fantastic. You get excited just rolling it up, a good indication of the effect to come. I love the smalls deals. I am always pleasantly surprised and makes things so much more accessible.

  6. Patrizia

    WOW!!! This strain is amazing! Opening the bag greeted me with a nice fresh fruity aroma. The buds were nice and dense and fluffed up so nice when ground. Burns so nice, and is a smooth toke – not harsh and didn’t make me cough. Love the flavor using plain papers and love it more using Marshmallow papers. It’s a bit of a creeper, but it’s steady and the high is relaxing and stays a while. This is on my “need to order” list when it comes back in stock.

  7. Dzmitry

    Pleasant fruity aroma. Nice chilling effect.

  8. Jeremy

    For the price and the effects this is a perfectly fine strain. It could stand to be a little more powerful in my opinion, although the strength does vary depending on the batch, but again that is more down to personal preference. Taste is good, and it is an easy smoke that won’t have you coughing your lungs up too much. Would recommend.

  9. Austin

    Left me feeling confused and anxious wont try this strain again

  10. Pat

    Banana Kush is one of my favourite smokes. It has a nice taste, it was long-lasting and I sleep well.

  11. Guillaume

    good flavor! i like it.. burns well!

  12. ADAM

    Bought some smalls in this for a taste.. Its okay, good price, good taste, good look, nose is good as well. So on sale I would consider buying another bag of smalls, which the nugs were nice and tight so!! Moral of the story is you get what you pay for and this is pretty much exactly what I paid for. This gets a 5 not because it is killer bud, not because the taste or the nose, but because it came exactly as advertised on the site. Good show mmj, complete honesty is rare in todays world!!!!!


  13. Jennifer

    Love that they do these smalls deals, usually end up mixing them up with sometime else in my grinder. They are easy to use and nice dense little balls. Taste great and don’t burn me out too much. Would smoke in the evening with a sativa and later in the evening with more indica. Would buy more always 🙂

  14. Adam

    not a bad smoke, just a bit of a hassle to pick out the stems, good fruity aroma. going to wait till the full version of this bud to be available.

  15. Ryan

    I purchased this just for shits and giggles. The aroma was superb, burned nicely. The high is great for a relax and throw your feet up or take off for a hike through nature and enjoy your trip kinda high. I got the smalls and it is what i got and expected but the fact is that its still a wonderful strain and I intend to be purchasing this again.

  16. Joseph

    I got this because I thought it would be similar to GSC in the way that cookies is to snacks, and I was right on. This bud is packed with loads of good feels and happy smiles. Versatile strain, good for anybody who just want to kick back and relax or for if you’re going on a waterslide. The smell is also phenomenal, best kush smell, at first was hesitant, now I’m hooked. Definitely gonna be getting more of this again.

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