Banana Kush (Smalls)

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Banana Kush (Smalls) Information

Banana Kush is a cannabis hybrid with approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa offering a stimulative mental high with relaxing and sedative physical effects. Its THC levels may range between 18-22% resulting in moderate strength, although depending on the batch, variations of this are likely to occur. With a delicious taste of bananas and tropical notes, this bud may be a tasty great late-afternoon smoke.

This marijuana strain usually starts with a euphoric and creative cerebral high followed by relaxing sedation for the body. The effects of Banana Kush may ease the symptoms of a variety of health conditions, including mood disorders, depression, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia.

Benefits For Both The Body And Mind


Banana Kush offers a uniquely creative and relaxing well-rounded high that may clear the mind while removing stress and worries. Its cerebral high can potentially give a creative boost for inspiration and social get-togethers. The relaxing and sedative effects of this strain may alleviate pain in the body while making room for motivation, focus, and elevation.

Chronic mood disorders. Banana Kush has the great potential of uplifting your spirits with positive energy and euphoric vibrations. These effects may help individuals suffering from chronic mood disorders and stress.

Depression and fatigue. This marijuana hybrid may offer some relief for patients suffering from a lack of motivation, depression, and anxiety offering an uplifting boost in mood.

Pain and other conditions. The sedative properties present in Banana Kush may alleviate pain. The strain could potentially also act as a remedy for a variety of medical conditions, including PTSD, MS, ALS, and fibromyalgia.

A Bundle Of Tropical Goodness

Banana Kush is a cross between two popular marijuana strains – Skunk Haze hybrid and Ghost OG. This cannabis flower carries the notes of bananas in both its aroma and taste. This dominating taste is enriched by hints of tropical fruits with a touch of skunkiness. Its impactful flavour is rich in sweet highlights.

The appearance of this strain is quite exotic as well. Its buds are featuring almost neon-green looks with strokes of bright yellow. Burnt orange hairs grow amongst the lively leaves. The trichomes found on this plant are resinous and sticky.

The effects of Banana Kush may range from moderate to more intense potency making this bud more suited for experienced users.


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