Banana Macaroon

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Banana Macaroon Information

Banana Macaroon cannabis strain is the result of merging Banana Punch with Do-Si-Dos, both being pungent weed plants. The terpene profile of this marijuana bud is rich in fruity aromas, that are very notable upon both inhale and exhale. A pinch of peppery tingle coupled with a skunk undertone adds the classic cannabis touch to it. Dominantly, you will most likely observe notes of riped bananas and pineapple for a sweet experience.


Banana Macaroon, even though it is an Indica dominant strain, provides a potent cerebral buzz that may offer a boost in energy while promoting creativity and sociability. The full-body high of this weed strain isn’t as much sedative as it is relaxing, delivering an overall good feel to sit down and enjoy some social games or a great conversation. The average THC level of this Indica bud lands around 20%-22%, but some batches may offer a high that reaches well over 30%, making its smoke and effects a good fit for experienced users.


An Energetic Cerebral High


Banana Macaroon is oftentimes used within the medicinal community to help increase appetite when they lost it either due to nausea or other health conditions. The high THC of this cannabis flower offers a comforting and relaxing physical high that isn’t sedative enough to lock you to the couch but relaxing enough to ease tensions, some physical aches, and stress. The cerebral high of this bud may be energetic, increasing creativity.


Relaxing with a touch of sedation. The body high delivered by Banana Macaroon is more relaxing than sedating, offering relief from tensions in the muscles and joints, allowing you to relax and feel comfortably at ease.


Increasing appetite. The most common medicinal use for this Indica bud is its potential to increase appetite and the sense of hunger for individuals who are struggling with a loss of appetite.


Euphoric feelings. The soothing blend of THC and terpenes of this strain may offer a warm boost in mood, promoting positive and happy feelings while potentially alleviating symptoms caused by anxiety and stress.


A Fruity Terpene Profile


Banana Macaroons is an overall delicious cannabis strain as its dominant terpene is limonene which is the fruitiest terp that delivers a pleasant and notable taste upon inhaling and exhale. The scent and flavour of this marijuana bud are rich in sweet notes, dominantly of bananas and pineapple. You may notice a touch of peppery tingle coupled with a classic cannabis skunk overtone as you exhale.


The delicious taste and scent of Banana Macaroons usually invite most new marijuana enthusiasts in for a dose, but we do recommend for this weed strain to be reserved for experienced users.

2 reviews for Banana Macaroon

  1. Ryan

    This was a shot in the dark, but what a shot it was. The citrus taste and pungent odor this is a good smoke for sure

  2. Alexandre

    Honestly not my favorite ,
    The smell wasnt there ,
    Looked pretty average,
    At this price i was expecting more,

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