Banana WiFi (Smalls)

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Banana WiFi (Smalls) Information

If there was a perfect hybrid that combined its parents’ characteristics, it would be Banana WiFi. Between the sweet pine aroma and the complete relaxing sedation, Banana WiFi follows in its parents’ footsteps perfectly. You’ll realize how joyful you can become only after smoking a bit of this strain. The euphoria comes in full force to eliminate your anxiety and depression once and for all. It’ll relax your anxious mind and put your thoughts in order.

Though largely unknown, we deduce that Banana WiFi has a THC concentration of 15-18%, and a relatively low CBD concentration. Its therapeutic effects are excellent, though, and many medical patients report feeling better than ever after a few smokes. It improves symptoms of chronic pains, muscle spasms, stress, and mood swings effectively. You won’t have to worry about needless worries and fatigue because Banana WiFi will help you manage your symptoms!

What does Banana WiFi look and taste like?


As you unwrap the strain, you’ll notice the discordant shades of amber-orange and shades of snow-white trichomes. The crystal trichomes cover the popcorn-shaped nugs, forming a contrasting picture of green and white. It looks like a pure landscape of spring and winter, and the vividness of the colours reflect the freshness and potency of the strain. Few other strains are as rich in crystal trichomes as Banana WiFi, as well. It’s literally one big cone of whiteish crystals.

When you unwrapped the strain, you may also have noticed the insanely sweet aroma of pine and tropical fruits. It reeks from a mile away, coaxing your taste buds and nostrils into craving for a smoke right then and there. When you do take a toke, the main flavour comes your way – banana, dankness, and a bit of earthy kush. Everything combines perfectly to form the perfect olfactive and tasty experience. Most cannabis enthusiasts would love to smoke this strain!

How does Banana WiFi affect you?


From muscle spasms, chronic pains, stress, and fatigue, Banana WiFi treats a wide variety of medical symptoms. Medical patients suffering from anxiety and depression are also keen on using this strain to self-medicate. Due to the initial surge of euphoria that impacts your mind, most negative thoughts will recede. Your mind becomes calmer and more tranquil, as you descend into a state of sweet bliss and relaxation. The comfort feels even more gratifying with the pains gone.

When it comes to physical effects, the healing benefits of Banana WiFi are quite special. The psychoactive experience differs from strain to strain, and thanks to the near-perfect Indica-Sativa profile, this strain offers a balanced experience. You’ll go through euphoria, which will uplift your mood and eliminate your anxiety and depression. Then, Banana WiF also alleviates symptoms of:

  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Neuropathic pains
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Nausea
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Parkinson’s disease

6 reviews for Banana WiFi (Smalls)

  1. Vincent

    I’ve been dealing with chronic pain for several years. I’ve tried so many strains. they did the job…. But always something missing. One strain was wifi, when I saw the name Banana wifi I HAD to try it. This is now my favorite strain for PAIN, ANXIETY, NAUSEA, APPETITE LOSS.
    The smoke is 10/10 no bad coughing.
    It kicks in smooth not going to slow you down…. Just mellow you out. Thanks MMJ keep this one coming…. Definitely ordering more 👍

  2. Claire

    Ordering this one again. It’s the perfect anytime weed. I’ve used it rolled in joints, in the pax and in the bong. If you haven’t ordered smalls before – it doesn’t matter – you’re grinding it all up anyway. Pretty smooth, love the banana smell and nice relaxed feeling throughout the day. Would definitely recommend.

  3. Julie

    Amazing product. Not too wet or dry. Great buzz to relax and unwind. Helps me a great deal with inflammation, anxiety and sleep.
    Awesome purchase if you want to really just “chill”. I will be buying again for sure!

  4. hugo

    I highly recommend this.

  5. Danny

    Very appealing taste and aroma, fantastic feeling of euphoria and relaxation.
    Great bang for your buck

  6. Elias

    Yum, smells like banana and decent day buzz Buying again

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