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Bath Salts by VVS Information

VVS Bath Salts provide the ideal bathing experience with an extra dose of pure CBD. Among its therapeutic properties, these bath salts significantly reduce your physical exhaustion and muscle soreness. If you’re taking a bath after taking your morning jog or after a hard day at work, your body will thank you profusely for this experience! Most customers have reported improved blood circulation and feeling more refreshed than ever. Taking a bath should always be this refreshing and rejuvenating!

These Bath Salts bring out the best in you by submerging you in CBD-infused water. The bath salts dissolve and transform normal water into a healing liquid that detoxifies your body and improves your immunity. Such Bath Salts can even alleviate allergies or other sensitivities you have. Any online dispensary in Canada commercializes these bath salts due to their high CBD purity and benefits as a sleep-aid.

Uses and effects

The Bath Salts have one use and one use only – to be submerged and dissolved in bath water. When you want to bathe, just pop one of these glass vials, pour the content in the bath, and then jump right in! The effects will manifest progressively as you stay inside the bath. You’ll feel your body lighter and more relaxed. Your sore muscles relax and the pain goes away. VVS Bath Salts affect the body on a smaller, microscopic scale, as well.

Your blood circulation and immune system will be improved after bathing a few times in these bath salts. You’ll start noticing that your skin conditions will decrease in severity, as well. The bath salts alleviate acne, psoriasis, and other skin ailments until they become barely noticeable. This is all a result of the pure CBD affecting your endocannabinoid system and neural receptors in the brain. This natural state of relaxation and detoxification helps your body in ways you can’t even imagine.

The CBD promotes the production of collagen, which directly influences your skin’s health and aesthetic look. After taking a bath in the VVS Bath Salts, your skin will be smoother, more healthy-looking, and much softer. VVS Bath Salts also promote sleep, alleviate pain, relieve anxiety symptoms, and elevate your mood. You’ll feel a rush of euphoria wandering about, dispelling your negative thoughts and promoting positive thought patterns. You might even feel hungrier after taking a bath in these bath salts. That’s also an effect of these Bath Salts!

4 reviews for Bath Salts by VVS

  1. Patrizia

    After a rough weekend of moving, I soaked in this for about 20 minutes and could seriously feel the aches dissipate. My swollen feet and ankles came back down to normal and I slept like a baby that night. Definitely would recommend this to anyone who has aches, pains, bruises or swelling. The scent is so calming and relaxing.

  2. Patricia

    I used the hemp healer and I felt like I had removed all toxic from my body and was relaxed

  3. AARON

    Bath Salts by VVS put my body at ease, I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt once u got out of the bath truly an amazing product

  4. Eleni

    These are incredible! They by far Exceeded my expectations. Very threaputic salts and helped me recover quickly from surgery. I even use them on my senior dog for his arthritis and he gives them a K9 out of 10 at bath time. I highly recommend these salts for anyone who enjoys a soak. You won’t regret it. Nice to have on hand for back pain as well !

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