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BC Nug Hash – Mids Information

BC Nug Hash – Mids is a premium-grade type of hash made from the legendary British Columbia genetics. It has a unique flavour profile due to the natural terpenes and flavonoids extracted from the cannabis plants. This is a very potent hash that will affect your body and mind in unexpected ways. Your mind will go wild with euphoria and joy, while your body will be sedated and relaxed all the way!

This type of BG Nug Hash combines kief and shatter into one big mix that’s as tasty as you’d expect. The gum hash consistency makes it easy to consume this hash in a vaporizer, a bowl, or a joint. You may see this has strain as only a middling, given its Mid denomination, but fret not, because this one is a very potent hash with incredible therapeutic effects! If you’re looking for a solid surge of euphoria, the peak of relaxation, and big medical effects, this is what you need!


What does the BG Nug Hash – Mids look and taste like?


When talking about hash, we refer to every cannabis non-concentrate, and that’s exactly what the BG Nug Hash is. It’s made from kief and shatter, both of which are prime-quality ingredients in the making of this hash. The result is a very accessible hash that’s easy to consume in multiple ways. This versatility gives free reign to plenty of medical patients that seek an effective treatment for their symptoms. After all, this hash doesn’t only look good and taste fantastically!


Speaking of taste, the BG Nug Hash – Mids has a unique flavour coming from the high-quality terpenes and flavonoids involved in the extraction process. The British Columbia genetics are known for their high-impact effects and delicious strain flavours, so the BG Nug Hash is no different from the norm. You can expect an earthy and profound flavour, with dashes of hash-related aromas wafting about.


What are the effects of the Nug Hash – Mids?


Hash of this quality serves a two-folded purpose. On the one hand, cannabis enthusiasts looking for something new to try would use this hash to improve their mood, increase their motivation and focus, as well as treat their medical symptoms. This includes anxiety, depression, insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, and fatigue in all its forms. This BG Nug Hash will affect your mind in an energetic yet relaxing way, at the same time.


On the other hand, medical patients actively seek out the BG Nug Hash for what it can offer them – peak relaxation and healing benefits. If you have PTSD, ADHD, or even cancer, the symptoms can be smoothed out by a smoke of this hash. THC has been proven to have beneficial effects on the human body, courtesy of your endocannabinoid system.

3 reviews for BC Nug Hash – Mids

  1. Jeff

    Bought this to bump an order up so it could ship not expecting much. Came in a cool little container that really kept it secured and in my sights for the past few months. This NYE, I broke it up in pieces and used a bit of green to add some bulk to it. Was a really nice experience and was pretty wasted off the joint. Felt nice for a good 30 minutes before it turned into a relaxing body buzz. Hash is very underrated and if you can get it, try it because it’s something different and what our parents grew up on.

  2. Matthew

    Hello. i really did like the high grade of this hash better, you do have to roll it into joints more on the smaller side, so it burns easy. whats cool about this product is kief and shatter are blended together to make this product. its and honest price for hash, but hash wise there are a few other types that floated my boat alot better than this kind, i still recommended for the price point its at, high was a little more heavy or light in comparison to gum hash or the original stuff

  3. Marc-Olivier

    Is ok

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