Black Afghani

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Black Afghani Information

Black Afghani contains about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa with highly relaxing effects. This strain is ideal for late afternoon or nighttime use as one of its most powerful effects is to deliver a restful sleep for those suffering from insomnia.


This cannabis strain has THC levels that average between 20%-22%, making its cerebral and body high potent. Black Afghani was created by crossing not two but three cannabis strains – Black Domina, OG Kush, and 76′ Afghani.


Euphoric Cerebral High


Black Afghani can be highly efficient and tactful when it comes to giving a boost in your mood while covering you with a blanket of euphoria and offering strokes of gentle and happy feelings. The euphoric high of this strain has an uplifting effect, sweeping away traces of worries and stress.


Consuming Black Afghani at the end of your workday is like getting into an aromatic bubble bath that eases up tension in your mind and body. This cannabis strain, besides wondrous effects, also offers a highly enjoyable aroma and flavour experience with notes of spicy peppers and sweet berries.


Deep Relaxation


Black Afghani is the go-to strain for a deep relaxation that is known to end in a night of restful sleep. Many individuals are suffering from the effects of insomnia, yet not many of them get to enjoy a restful sleep for not having the right remedy to help with it. This cannabis strain is considered an expert as it delivers the right effects to help with insomnia.


You can consume Black Afghani at the end of a long day to allow your mind and body to step out of the problem-solving state and step into a relaxing state of ease and comfort.


Due to the pain-relieving and sedative properties of Black Afghani, this strain can also be used to help alleviate physical pains and aches, including muscle spasms, pain caused by arthritis, headaches, and others.


A Rich Bud


Black Afghani produces many dense buds that release a pleasant sweet and spicy aroma. The buds of this strain are dark in colour featuring nugs that take on the shape of grapes, these are crowned by orange pistils. This strain is generously covered in trichomes that look like a crystal.


Because of its tasty flavour, you can easily be tempted to overuse Black Afghani. This strain is a potent Indica, so go easy on it.

2 reviews for Black Afghani

  1. Chris

    Really nice stuff. Tastes very nice and gives a very strong buzz. I had it with me on holidays, kinda stunk up our air BnB from my suitcase. Will definitely re order

  2. Drake

    Although the nugs aren’t as black as I would like they are still darker than most nug. Given the amount of frost. Most the nugs are about the same size which is always disappointing,  that being said I find this weed to be perfect for seshing with friends,  80% indica is enough to relax and keep to you talking but also slow your mind down a little.

    Honestly the flavor is hard for me to get, I do taste the pepper of the Black Domina x so there is that. Although nothing special, I haven’t had a single bad hit from this stuff so that is also a plus. Would recommend if your looking to try something new as I was.

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