Black Pearl

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8 reviews for Black Pearl

  1. Mike

    The deep purple does most of the heavy lifting with this strain I found. I’m a sucker for purple strains but I think this being a sativa threw me off a bit! Smooth high, nice for day time if you have something to do. Definitely nothing heavy just a nice uplifting high. Great flavour just found it could have been a bit stronger.

  2. Maude

    It might be true what they say, “once you go black, you never go back” I had expectations for this strain so I am notsurprised it is one of my new favorites. It’s everything I look for in a strain. Pretty appearance, slightly fruity taste. Although they say it’s an indica I never felt like sleeping or sitting around. I was extremely talkative, deep in thoughts, and motivated. I also developed a case of what I call in my household “never-ending munchie syndrome” it’s a serious case of the munchies where you eat everything in the house and are still STARVING! So would definitely recommend to someone with trouble eating. Overall excellent strain

  3. Amber

    This was such a treat, I felt like i was having an outer body experience, what a great tribute to a dedicated actor.

  4. Colborn

    Nice tasty and smokes well, nice effect as well.

  5. Melissa

    Smooth tasting. Chill high 🙂

  6. Benjamin

    Unbelievable. I was amazed at how dark this bud was. Left the grinder nearly black! Dark notes of berries and a slight sweet aroma. Left me in a nice, euphoric state, very pleasant to smoke and relax. I think bud like this is a really nice treat, and great to mix in to the rotation every once in a while, truly a special find, grab some fast before it’s gone…..

  7. Youssef

    Really happy i got this bud always wanted to try something that looks different

  8. Tyler

    Very beautiful stuff looks exactly like the picture

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