Blackberry Diesel

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Blackberry Diesel Information

Blackberry Diesel contains approximately 80% Sativa and 20% Indica with moderate THC levels averaging around 22-23%. Depending on the batch, you may find some variations of these. This cannabis strain is best suited for experienced users for daytime consumption. The upbeat cerebral high of this marijuana bud may offer a boost in focus and creativity.


This Sativa strain offers dessert-like flavours with notes of sweet berries coupled with musky earthy undertones and diesel. Blackberry Diesel offers an enjoyable but powerful punch of potency. This strain weed is the result of crossing Plushberry with Sour Diesel.


A Focused Cerebral High


Blackberry Diesel usually delivers an upbeat high that kicks in quickly. The cerebral rush may deliver an energetic boost of happy feelings, creativity, and focus. This may help those struggling with symptoms of fatigue or lack of motivation. As your mind will most likely thrive on focus, your body may land itself in a state of relaxation that may be stimulating you into higher levels of productivity.


Creativity. The creative mental effects of this strain may offer the inspiration an artist needs to bring something beautiful to life.


Anxiety. The blissful euphoric properties of Blackberry Diesel may ease symptoms of anxiety and depression offering feelings of happiness and motivation.


Appetite Loss. The happy and relaxing high of this Sativa bud oftentimes brings about an increase in appetite for some tasty snacks.


Physical aches. The higher levels of THC of this great-tasting strain may alleviate symptoms of physical pains and aches, such as headaches or muscle cramps.


A Delicious Taste


Blackberry Diesel, also referred to as Blackberry Sour, offers an almost unforgettable aroma and taste. The top aroma notes of this strain are of berries, earth, and diesel. Its sweet flavour might convince you that the effects of this strain are mild and easy-going, but as mentioned earlier, they do pack a potent punch for most of its users.


Tints Of Lavender


The appearance of this strain is almost as pleasant as its aroma and taste. Dark green leaves and buds are surrounded by brown and orange pistils. Lavender to purple patches can be noticed on the leaves and nugs. Bright white trichomes cover the surface of this cannabis plant.


Blackberry Diesel can be a great strain for experienced marijuana users to enjoy throughout their day, whether for at-home projects, in the office tasks, or adventuring with friends in the great outdoors on a beautiful sunny day.


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