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60% sativa dominant strain

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Blackberry Information

With a classic flavour and potency to match, it’s hard to pass up Blackberry OG. This 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid packs a powerful punch and a robust flavour that will haunt many smoker’s palates for sessions to come. A descendent of Blackberry and the Afghani landrace, it unites the trademark sedation of central Asian indicas with the pungent aroma and taste typical of highly-detailed fruity crossbreeds.

While some strains attempt to create a pale facsimile of the aromas they imitate, Blackberry OG (aka Blackberry Kush) stands as a powerful tribute to its tangy, fruity namesake. It also adds in the earthy and pungent tones typical of Kush strains. The end result is a pleasant, smooth smoke with an epic taste and powerful effects that will entice any smoker.

Uses and Effects

Indica lovers will adore this strain. While Blackberry OG is technically a hybrid, it’s essentially a heavy indica. Its powerful sedative effects are perfect for anyone seeking potential relief from inflammation, chronic pain, anxiety, high stress, or depression. As a result, it may be able to alleviate a myriad of symptoms including insomnia, low appetite, PTSD, arthritis, and more.

Aroma and Appearance

Blackberry OG’s loud flavour will immediately announce its presence to a room. However, this indica-dominant hybrid’s scent isn’t immediately identifiable as weed. Instead, it conjures images of fresh fruit, sweet herbs, citrus, and spices. That mouthwatering combination is enough to entice newbie and veteran smokers alike thanks to its accessible aroma.

While this strain’s scent is great, its flavour is even better. It assails the palate with fruity and tangy flavours, invoking a faint hint of blueberry after sour citrus overcomes any opposition. Its Kush parent provides the instantly-identifiable taste that generations of smokers have come to love, with tones of hash and jet fuel. Its buds are also visually robust, with a menagerie of colours that readily crumble into the perfect bowl or joint.

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27 reviews for Blackberry

  1. Alexandre

    Wow très belle apparence ,pâle givrés et odeur fruité,goût très léger un peu épicé,les effets pour moi on été un regain d’énergie pour accomplir mes tâches quotidiennes et pensé positives .au prix j’ai payer merci mmj!

  2. Pat

    I found the door of the smoke unpleasant and it hung around for a long time. The buzz was fine, but not a favourite.

  3. Shaun

    I have experimented with number of Indica’s to make butter for edibles. Specifically for insomnia and arthritic pain that tends to manifest as throbbing and shooting pain in my legs, from knee and hip pain. I found this strain to be particularly good for these specific symptoms. I used 1 oz, crumbled it via a coffee grinder, baked it on wax paper at 240F for around 60 min. I then put it in a slow cooker for 6 hours on low with 1 Ib of butter and 1 cup of water. Once done I strained the butter/water in cheese clothe and placed the liquid in the fridge overnight. I then removed the solid mass of infused butter and discarded the liquid (I am sure this liquid would mess you up but it smells gross and I suspect I’d wretch). Finally, 1Ib Blackberry Indica infused butter for 24 cookies (any sort you wish) produced cookies I think were around 100mg based on my experience and those whom were gifted these delights. This is the most therapeutic vehicle for arthritic pain I’ve found. Smoking it after dinner also sets the stage for a great evening of discussion, surfing the boobtube or just about anything relaxing you can think of.

  4. Deryk

    Blackberry…. It has a fruity mixed with an earthy kind of taste to it. Dense buds for sure.
    The look of this bud is light to mid green in color, but with orange and purple haired buds! Quite easy on the lungs when inhaling while smoking. The potency of this stuff is quite good 😯
    I bought this product because I’m all about trying all different strains of marijuana. I always purchase something I already know I like, as well as up to a half dozen ‘new to me’ products I have yet to try.
    I’d give Blackberry 4 out of 5 ⭐’s overall. I will more than likely be ordering more of this strain in the future. I can def tell why its sold out often… Absolutely an A product 😁👌
    In my opinion it should be Highly Recommend to all Mary J blasters!!

  5. Maude

    Very nice strain. I was able to choose my high: to just ride the high and have fun or to function normally if need be. Pretty dense buds, visually appealing, and light smell pre-smoke. While smoking I definitely felt the head high while it relaxed my body, de-stressed my mind, and made me feel all around better. When riding the high I got hungry, was very relaxed, and just wanted to sleep after a while. When choosing to be functional, I could go do things that needed done and could remain normal (as long as I didn’t overdo it). Overall this has to be my favorite strain great for any occasion.

    Look 8.5/10
    Taste 8.5/10
    Scent 8.5/10

  6. Justin

    Tried this strain for the first time the other day and really enjoyed the high I got from it, I’ll for sure order this strain more often

  7. Windy

    Nice high to hang out and enjoy, tastes sweet and smells good.

  8. Mary Lou

    Blackberry is my favourite bud for vaping. I’ve been using it for a couple of years, have ordered it several times, and it still rocks. The flavour is earthy and fruity,. It’s calming, and at the same time, it is motivating. It helps me to get a lot of things done that I have been procrastinating about. I call it my procrastination erradicator. It’s also a great high for just sitting on the deck star-gazing. A toke while watching a movie makes the movie amazingly interesting. Having a conversation is easy with Blackberry because it gives me a sharp mind for logic and creative ideas. Love this Blackberry bud!!

  9. Alexandre

    Verry fruity ,
    The price point is pretty good i order this when i want to smoke something else than i ususally do .
    Good for night time after a long day at work!

  10. Matthew

    i wouldn’t start by saying this is my favorite. it was very thick in taste and smoke, very heavy sativa for that matter. i recommended for the benefits, but personally this is not my type of bud. my other friends enjoyed this medicine, but for me i choose a different medicine.

  11. Veronika

    Great looking and smoking buds.

  12. Michael

    Gave som eof this to my brother & he swears this is the best he’s had. Nice taste & effects.

  13. Derek

    Good strong strain, very sweet taste. The name says it all.

  14. Tyler

    This strain is great for daytime or evening as it’s a good functional high. Smells great, big sticky nugs. Would recommend for anyone who likes GSC or similar hybrid

  15. Dana

    Super tasty! Hits you hard, but still chill

  16. Bradley

    A personal favourite after a long day of work. Earthy taste, smooth smoke, relaxing high.

  17. Evan

    Great for a lazy afternoon or after a long day, very relaxing and tastes good too.

  18. Catherine

    Nice daytime or evening bud. Dense and sticky. A nice mellow high yet still ambitious and focused.

  19. Derek

    Smells great. Tastes great. Works its magic. Very enjoyable high.

  20. Serge

    smells nice and relaxing

  21. Brooke

    I generally use Blackberry in the evening but have no issue if I smoke it before the gym. Still have a solid workout.

  22. Matthew

    Fantastic bud for a daytime smoker. Still feel energized and uplifting ready for any tasks that’s thrown my way. Berry nice indeed

  23. Michael

    Berry nice!

  24. Debra


  25. Victor

    I prefer this for an evening strain, although if smoked during the day I’m still functional and productive for the most part. A very relaxing, stress relieving, gentle, fuzzy body high that comes with a brilliant euphoria! Smoking a bowl of yummy Blackberry makes my heart feel nice and warm! ?

  26. Anthony

    Wow, what a great high! It’s very euphoric yet smooth. Perfect for day smoking!

  27. Barbara

    Nice looking buds, lovely aroma and taste, very relaxing high 😀

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