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Ready for a tasty treat that will also get you high? Blue Gelato is here for you. Blue Gelato is an indica-dominant hybrid and a member of the Girl Scout Cookie family. It traces its pedigree back to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and DJ Short’s Blueberry, giving it two heavy-hitting parents. Its cannabinoid content involves a huge THC range, clocking in at 25 percent, according to some sources. Combined with its refreshing, sweet, fruity taste, Blue Gelato is the flavour of the summer – and every other season, too!


What Does Blue Gelato Look and Smell Like?


One of the first things that you might notice about Blue Gelato is that it glistens with a coat of THC crystals, making it resemble a snow cone more than an iced Italian treat. Depending on how it’s grown, it can also exhibit a variety of colours, ranging from deep forest green to an electric blue. Orange and red hairs separate each bud, which easily collapse into dust in a grinder or between your fingers.


Its aroma is a complex mixture of citrus fruit, dank earth, sweet fruit, and tangy, pure sourness. It’s a loud scent that likes to make itself known to everyone in the room. Blue Gelato’s taste brings its full blueberry flavour to bear once you light it up, complementing its aroma quite nicely.


What Is Blue Gelato’s High Like?


Thanks to its even-handed genetics, Blue Gelato has a combination of both indica- and sativa-centric traits. Many smokers say that it provides an energized, cerebral high. It can motivate a smoker, infusing them with focused energy. It also banishes stress and helps users relax.


High aside, Blue Gelato may offer some additional benefits to medical marijuana patients. Cannabis like Blue Gelato may be able to reduce inflammation, banish the symptoms of ADD, eliminate fatigue, and more.

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  1. Tim

    Absolutely delicious! It really tastes like blueberries. It’s funny I don’t really like gelato on its own but everything that it is crossed with seems to be a unbelievable product. The blue always satisfies! The pungent delicious smell triggers the wanted more more and more . I cannot say enough about the strain I give it five stars for taste five stars for smell and five stars for effects.

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