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Blueberry Kush Information

It’s impossible feel blue with Blueberry Kush around. This strain boasts a lineage that puts it among the most elite of marijuana genetics. This cross between OG Kush and DJ Short’s Blueberry refuses to disappoint, and has enthralled smokers up and down the West Coast of North America. It’s found primarily in Canada, although it has proliferated throughout the US, and seems to have found a niche in the state of Arizona.

Blueberry Kush is exactly what you’d expect from a Blueberry x OG Kush cross. It’s a pure indica, meaning that it features a more sedative, relaxing high than you’d find in a sativa or even a hybrid. Those possible effects make it particularly appealing to a wide variety of users. Recreational smokers may love Blueberry Kush for lulling them into a serene couch-lock, helping them kick back at the end of a long day. Medical patients, in contrast, will appreciate its possible health-related benefits.

What does Blueberry Kush Look and Smell Like?

This strain smells like a blueberry farm. Blueberry Kush doesn’t just limit itself to its Blueberry parent’s sweet, berry aroma. Instead, it combines those scents with the telltale earthy aroma of Kush plants. The combination invokes a mental image of fields of blueberry plants, growing in rich, pungent soil. Its taste emphasizes its blueberry flavour, conjuring sweet and tart tones.

How does Blueberry Kush Make You Feel?

Thanks to its insanely high THC concentration – often reaching 24 percent – Blueberry Kush is highly powerful. As a result, newbie smokers should treat it with respect. Even experienced stoners may underestimate this strain’s effectiveness. As a pure indica, it has a relaxing, sleepy high, bordering on tranquilizing. However, it still maintains a euphoric rush, leaving smokers happy, high, and couch-locked.

Medical patients may enjoy Blueberry Kush’s indica traits as well. This strain may be particularly effective at soothing ADD, eliminating chronic pain and inflammation, alleviating stomach issues, and treating migraines and headaches, among a host of other benefits.


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