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Bob Accessories Information

Our online store has many cannabis-related accessories, mainly related to vaping. This is where our Bob Accessories come in. These two products, the pen base, and the 510 threaded chargers have become a staple of our store.

Many of our clients have shown an increasing interest in the pen base specifically since it is a no-button tool with only one temperature setting. You simply screw the pen into the cartridge and inhale.

It works optimally with the Bob cartridges, Zen Carts, and Drip Extracts carts. We can not guarantee its efficiency or optimal functionality with other types of cartridges, though.

What is the charger good for?

The 510 threaded charger is a big reason you’d want to order Bob accessories online. We sell many pen bases and cartridges for which not all chargers would work optimally with. That’s why we’ve brought this 510 threaded charger to the table.

It works with Bob, Voltair, and Keyy pen bases, as well as the vast majority of other 510 bases. In the end, what matters most is making cannabis consumption easier and more effective for those interested in it.

The Bob accessories bring exactly that!

13 reviews for Bob Accessories

  1. Alana

    Ok! So I was prepared to be disappointed like I am with every other vape battery I’ve had in life, but I was very pleasantly surprised. This battery lasts FOREVER and charges in a flash.

    Plus it’s durable as heck! I forgot it outside, over night, IN THE RAIN and that bad boy didn’t skip a beat.

    11/10 recommend

  2. Murray

    This was my first vape pen to try when I decided to try vaping. Wasn’t sure what to try but I lucked out on my decision to get one of these. Very simple to use, no buttons to press just take a pull and enjoy.

    My battery seems to last a nice period of time before it needs another charge, and the charger is simple too. It’s a nice and discreet size perfect for a hit on the go

  3. Tina

    The best vape pen on the market right now and does not stop working like another brand I got here. Fingers crossed it lasts the test of time.

  4. Jo-anne

    😍 best ever! We elderly Vaporites find the button vape pens too fussy. This beauty is draw activated and very effective 👍

    The sturdy design and colour Make it almost impossible to break or misplace…ya, we O.G.’s forget stuff better than dementia patients😜!
    Will order a couple more for my other Ancient Vaporites.

    Thanks MMJ👌🏿

  5. Sidney

    not sure if it would work well when I bought my first.I was pleasantly suprise how well it worked.Just put in mouth and draw its that simple.A word of caution is watch out for using to much as it is so easy to use.

  6. Erika

    Great pen for casual vaping, but I suspect it burns a bit more oil on average than my last pen did. Has a pretty good battery life and I definitely like it for the price.

  7. Georgia

    Favorite new vape kit, battery lasts a long time, charges quickly, never clogs up. I have 2 so I always have one available. I like the vape cartridges, but you can use other cartriges with it as well.

  8. Karl

    love this pen mainly due to the fact that its goofy proof in the sense that it is draw activated so passing it to friend you know they can’t burn the cart very user friendly and battery is long lasting

  9. Michael

    I’ve had every pen made by this company over the past few years (Flyte, Keyy, Bob). One of the befits of this pen is not having to mess with any buttons. Simply pull and enjoy.

    One down side for some, will be noticed with cartridges that are prone to clogging. Without a button, there is no way to heat the clogged cartridge and simply attempting to draw air through them will not work. Overall this is a great product though.

  10. Sherry

    I absolutely love this pen. Charges so quickly and so easy to use. I use Solei cartridges. My son steals my pen (who is legal to use cannabis) because it’s such a great pen. He usually uses his bong.

  11. Leanne

    I have 3 Bob pens. These have been the most reliable vape pen I have ever used. They don’t leave the carts with oil still in them. You can use all the cart. Lasts forever and charges quickly. I love the Bubba death. The feeling of the oil is instant, and relaxing with energizing. The blue dream help with my pain. And makes me feel hungry. Using the Bob battery pen, with other carts, still same thing. All the cart is used. Love the Bob❤️

  12. Luke

    great product, for quick tokes discreet on the go

  13. Jason

    Does the jobs like it’s suppose to. No clue why I ordered 2 though

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