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Pen, charger, and 0.6ml Cartridge

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Bob Pen Kits Information

What do the Bob Pen Kits contain, you ask? One cartridge, one charger, and one battery all in one place for you to use. One of these pen kits brings you unmatched efficiency and accessibility when you want to smoke. Bob is a great manufacturer who’s devised a special extraction method to extract and distill the cannabis oil by removing all the impurities. The pen vaporizer manages to quickly vaporize even the thickest of cannabis oils.

Keep in mind that Bob Pen Kits are in it for the long run. These things are incredibly resilient to long use, and you’ll be using them for the foreseeable future. The cartridge is pre-filled wit high-quality THC distillate and natural terpenes. The former provides intense and potent psychotropic effects, while the latter gives off an incredibly flavourful aroma.


What do the Bob Pen Kits do, exactly?

With a Bob Pen Kit on hand, you can start smoking anytime you want. You have the cartridge, the 510 threaded battery, and a handy charger to charge your vaporizer. All you have to do is connect them all to your vaporizer, and there you have it! The THC distillate in this Bob Pen cartridge is prime-quality, and it provides a smooth smoke with an extra kick for fun.

The effects will overwhelm your mind and body with euphoria, the usual relaxation, and extreme sedation. The more you smoke, the more intense the effects become, eventually putting you in a sleepy state. If you use one of the Bob Pen Kits in the evening, after an exhausting day at work, you’ll fall asleep faster than you can realize what’s happening. These kits can help you manage symptoms of:

  • Chronic stress and fatigue
  • Chronic pain
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle soreness

What should you know about the Pen Kits?

If there was anything essential to know about the Bob Pen Kits, it would be that they come in different flavours. Depending on the actual flavour, the cartridge comes filled with a different cannabis strain. The THC distillate will be just as pure and potent for any flavour you pick, though. Are you ready for a transformative experience filled with euphoria, relaxation, and sedation?

8 reviews for Bob Pen Kits

  1. Chris

    Love the bob pen, best pen on this site for sure, battery lasts what seems like forever, i leave it in my truck at the airport come back two weeks later and still rockin. No complaints here

  2. Jamie

    Easy to use and effective, my first Bob pen and battery lasted 2 years compared to previous brand which lasted less than a year 👍

  3. Stephanie

    Works great and lasts super long for a charge ! Tiny and discreet , the material of it feels good quality as well.

  4. Stephanie

    Great device, lasts so long on one charge! I literally never charge it. If you keep a portable charger in your bag like me, I just plug it in there and charge it on the go if I notice it needs it. Great as a public place option vs smoking since it barely smells and it’s super tiny and discreet.

  5. Ikram

    I bought this as a gift to my boyfriend because I regularly buy the cartridges. It puffs really well, the battery lasts a long time, the taste is okay, not the best, not the worst neither but you need to be careful because if you puff on it too much you might melt on your couch!

  6. Caroline

    Vraiment bien et la charge garde longtemps sa puissance

  7. Marc

    I love this thing. It’s so small and discreet. Great flavor and battery life. Easy to use and low maintenance. Super convenient. And a great high. Fair price.

  8. Alexandre

    Nice vape pen,
    Works verry well!
    For the price you wont get better,

  9. Jillian

    Bob is (in my opinion) the best there is. Pen kit is awesome.

  10. Matthew

    A decent vape pen. I have this and the Redecan one and for some reason prefer the Redecan. Seems to heat quicker and produce better clouds.
    That said Bob wins for value. It’s a fine pen for the money, and buying the kit makes a lot of sense. It’s yellow, so a little tougher to lose 😉

  11. Roberta

    I have tried three or four different pens since ordering from you. I prefer the Bob pens. They seem to last longer. Basic and easy to use. I just wish you could keep them in stock…(pen separate). It get pricey when you just need the pen and have to buy the kit?? Thank you for such great service.

  12. Kyle

    Get Little Pen,
    Cheap, Small and effective.

    Would buy again

  13. Lisa

    Bought this for my partner and it was an instant hit! Pin Diesel is great and just started on Blue Dream! He was super excited to have had an awesome solid sleep!!

    Downfall is that he hadn’t charged it once but as we put it to charge realized its dead!! So now we have to buy a whole new kit. Worth it in the long haul and hoping this time the battery lasts longer!!

  14. Rachel

    Okay so first off, was fast as duck getting this bad boy to me. Placed order Friday, was in my mailbox when I got home from work on Monday. I have now been home from work for approximately half an hour and am baaaaaked!!!

    I got Death Bubba with this kit, which as a flower has never done me dirty, and this extract is exactly the same. Nice body high for my fibromyalgia, but I don’t feel like I have to melt into my couch.

    The charger it comes with is the width of the USB, which is kind of neat seeing as most of these little vape chargers seem to have more plastic bulk on the sides.

    The pen itself has a nice bright yellow coating, that almost kind of feels like plastidip? Like it’s not shiny-plasticy, more of a matte feel so even though it’s vividly coloured it doesn’t seem obnoxious. And the buttonless use makes it rad because I don’t need to pay attention to how it’s rotated in my hand and where tf the button went. The little light at the bottom is nice because I’m always worried I’m somehow vaporizing that good-good without it being attached to my lips.

    I ordered a cartridge from another manufacturer on here as well, and it fits just as nicely as the Bob cartridge does!

    Pro-tip: the little containers the cartridges come in are greater for single joints!

    Super stoked with this purchase. Especially since I got it on the Halloween sale. Stay spooky, friends, get on this.

  15. Terry

    Great kits. battery last a long time and all of the canisters taste great and are high potency. What’s even better is that the batter can fit multiple types of other canisters as long as they have the same threat type to screw into. My biggest complaint is that this makes getting high way too easy lol. It can come with you pretty much anywhere and just a couple puffs can get you a buzz goin. Sometimes its a little too easy to get carried away and forgot that its weed, before you know it you’re blazed at your grandfathers funeral. Otherwise, fantastic, I still regularly purchase cartridge’s for it as they last me around 1 week for bobs, or 2 weeks for the 1ml sized ones.

  16. Rawaz

    WELL WORTH! get your package and jump right into these wonderful carts. new and well built

  17. Emily

    Amazing purchase! Super easy to smoke at home especially if the weather is bad. The charge lasts at least all day with continuous use!

  18. Rachel

    Love this new pen kit! Best of the 3 that mmj has come out with
    Bonus for the bright yellow and ease of use

  19. Catherine

    Maybe my new favourite pen kit? Good pull, doesn’t burn. No smell either so very discreet. Decent high, can still do things without being couch locked. Pen’s battery life lasts longer than other ones.

  20. Tyler

    Perfect for secrete smoke sessions. Little to no smell, mild effects so you can still function post-smoke. Good for social environments, or just smoking alone. No button, which means no burning out the coil in your pocket. I would say with the proper dosage a cart will last about 2-3 weeks. The battery equipped in the pen is great as well, can go about 1-1.5 weeks without charging it. All around great buy!

  21. Karl

    Great pen , draw activated meaning no push button meaning no more over heating/burning the cart , thanks for this one .

  22. Matthew

    Battery is awesome. Haven’t charged it all week.

  23. Michael

    Pin is a good sativa strain to keep you motivated.

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