Brain Tech Microdose Caps

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Each Cap contains 200mg Psilocybin

30 Caps

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Brain Tech Microdose Caps Information

Our favourite choice for microdosing mushrooms, MasterMind’s 200mg Brain Tech capsules are an excellent way to breathe fresh life and creativity into your day. Opening up the true potential of our minds and a great way to boost the performance of your brain, it’s no wonder why microdosing is becoming more and more known.

Carefully crafted

We’ve blended modern manufacturing practices with our favourite psychedelic fungus to bring to you a consistent and reliable product. No hot-spots, no inconsistent formulations, and no sketchy equipment to play around with.

MasterMind’s high-end manufacturing process is accompanied by strict quality control measures and they personally test each product to ensure you get nothing but the best mushroom microdosing capsules around.

Each capsule is manually inspected for any imperfections that might arise so you’ll never crack open a bottle and find broken capsules and mushroom dust all over the place.

Made by passionate psychonauts

Not only do we have professionalism and quality at our forefront, but we’re also passionate lovers of psychedelics and have had our fair share of mystical journeys as well. We know exactly what to bring to the table and we want to help other people experience the true delights of what psychedelics can do.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line as we would be glad to help you out and help you understand how to use our products!

No-stress stealth

We employ top-notch techniques to ensure the best stealth possible. Our damage and smell-proof materials inside unassuming packaging will pass through postal services and anything else with ease. You can ensure that between the time that your parcel leaves our hands and ends up in yours, that suspicious eyes and curious minds won’t have interfered at all.


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