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Bubble Hash – Lemon Drop ★ Reserve Information

In today’s world of high-powered concentrates and edibles, it’s easy to forget about Bubble Hash. The tan-coloured, goopy extract seems like a relic from a bygone era. However, as an experienced cannabis connoisseur will tell you, quality Bubble Hash is one of the cleanest ways to smoke. In addition, Bubble Hash provides incredible flavour and a unique high that flower and concentrates can’t match. That’s never been truer than with this Lemon Drop Craft Reserve Bubble Hash.

What is Bubble Hash?

If you’re a fan of extracts, you’re probably familiar with Bubble Hash. However, to those who primarily smoke flower or concentrates, this extract is a little more mysterious. While Bubble Hash isn’t technically a concentrate, it’s also in a different league than pressed hash, blonde hash, or gum hash.

Bubble Hash is one of the highest-quality forms of solventless extract, and this Craft Reserve Lemon Drop is no exception. It gets its name from the way that it sizzles and bubbles when heat is applied. Bubble Hash can be smoked alone or added to flower in a bowl or joint. Some types of dab pens can also vaporize Bubble Hash.

As an extract, Bubble Hash is more potent than cannabis flower. While the most potent strains of weed only reach about 30 percent THC, Bubble Hash can range from 40-60 percent. Therefore, Bubble Hash – especially super-potent types like this Lemon Drop Craft Reserve – are best for regular smokers instead of first-timers.

Strain Background – Lemon Drop

This Craft Reserve Bubble Hash is extracted from Lemon Drop plants. If you’re a fan of balanced hybrids with tangy citrus flavour, Lemon Drop will quickly become one of your new favourite strains. It’s a 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid that combines both the euphoric and relaxing parts of a weed high. Users may feel giggly and happy, along with a major case of the munchies.

Lemon Drop’s THC concentration is average, usually testing around 18 percent. However, this strain naturally develops significant amounts of the minor cannabinoids CBD and CBN. These minor cannabinoids may have a large influence on Lemon Drop’s possible effects according to a theory called the Entourage Effect.

One of Lemon Drop’s standout traits is its flavour. It boasts a huge citrus zing, with hints of lemon and grapefruit. Those flavours are on full display in this Bubble Hash, along with a powerful citrus aroma that will quickly fill a room as this Hash sizzles and bubbles.


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