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Bubble Hash – Peanut Butter Breath ★ Reserve Information

In spite of its name, you don’t need to be a peanut butter fanatic to love this extract. Sure, it might help you enjoy this Peanut Butter Breath Craft Reserve Bubble Hash, but it’s not necessary. Instead, this heavy-hitting premium extract will appeal to a wide audience. Anyone who’s a fan of a super clean extract made from extremely rare genetics will find something for them. Just don’t wait too long, this Craft Reserve Peanut Butter Breath Bubble Hash may be gone sooner rather than later.

What is Bubble Hash?

Bubble Hash is one of the cleanest, highest-grade cannabis extracts available today. Hashmakers create it by sifting and squeezing cannabis buds through tiny holes in specially-made plastic bags. This sticky, goopy extract is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity after briefly losing ground to concentrates like shatter. Smokers like Bubble Hash because it’s potent, flavourful, and is created without the use of butane, alcohol, or any other solvents.

Bubble Hash takes its name from the bubbling sound it makes when exposed to heat, causing it to vaporize. Bubble Hash also goes by several other names, including “dry sift” and “ice water hash.” You can smoke Bubble Hash in a joint, bowl, or vaporizer.

Strain Background – Peanut Butter Breath

Peanut Butter Breath is a cross between Dosidos and Mendo Breath, two classic strains from the US West Cost. Its well-regarded parents have bestowed their perfectly balanced genetics to Peanut Butter Breath, a 50/50 hybrid with a monster THC content ranging from 18 to 28 percent. As a result, its high offers a pleasant combination of possible effects including relaxation, a strong body load, and an uplifting, cerebral rush.


Peanut Butter Breath takes its name from the sticky, rich peanut-butter flavour that washes over a smoker’s tongue. Its heady aroma combines earthy, herbal, and pungent piney tones with a distinctly woody scent. It has ovular green nugs and boasts proud rusty amber hairs that entice smokers to taste its flavour.


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