Bubble Hash – Pine Tar Kush

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Bubble Hash – Pine Tar Kush Information

You’ve probably heard of 100% pure Indica Pine Tar Kush. This strain is so sticky and possesses such an intense woody flavour that we’ve made Bubble Hash from it. This Bubble Hash is among the top-ranked cannabis concentrates in terms of potency. It’ll make your mind go wild after consuming it. It’s very powerful and intensely flavourful, taking after Pine Tar Kush’s intense woody aroma.


Why is Bubble Hash so good?


Bubble Hash contains no alcohol, no butane, and no other solvents. In this sense, the Pine Tar Kush Bubble Hash is a clean and organic product through and through. The reason it’s named Bubble Hash is the bubbling sound it makes when you expose it to high heat.

The best way to consume Bubble Hash is by smoking it in a bowl, vaporizer, or a joint. As it vaporizes, just inhale the smoke and let yourself wander through endless relaxation, sedation, euphoria, and comfort. Pine Tar Kush is renowned for its woody and diesel flavour, combined with a delicious kush and citrus fragrance. The same can be said about the Bubble Hash made from this strain!


Bubble Hash is exceptionally potent, sometimes reaching THC concentrations of more than 60%, and it bears the same flavour as the strain it was made from. In this case, Pine Tar Kush lends Bubble Hash intense aromas of spicy woodiness.


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