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Butterfly High by SeC Information

In the world of cannabis edibles, the most potent one is definitely the SeC Butterfly High. This butterfly-shaped edible holds an astounding 400mg of THC inside it, reaching a superb psychotropic potential. The psychoactive state resulting from all this THC will put your mind and body under a relaxing and euphoric spell. Medical patients are especially interested in the healing potential of this edible, as it can alleviate:


  • Anxiety
  • Mild cases of depression
  • Insomnia
  • Appetite loss
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation


The mind-calming effects extend all the way to your body, promoting a state of relaxation and tranquility all over. If you suffer from anxiety or depression, eating a bit of this Butterfly High will help you better manage your symptoms.


What does the SeC Butterfly High look and taste like?


In terms of looks, this Butterfly High looks like a butterfly, obviously. The texture is that of a jelly bomb, though the colours are rather chaotic. It looks like there’s always a stroboscope under it, shining upwards in shades of green, red, yellow, and orange. As you look at it, it’ll hypnotize you a bit, inviting you to take a bite sooner rather than later. The taste is sweet, with a bit of fruitiness added in, to complement the appearance.


A colourful, rainbow-like butterfly with a fruity flavour and a jelly bomb texture is all you ever wanted, right? As you bite into it, your taste buds get to fully enjoy the mushy texture and sweet aroma of the Butterfly High. Combined with the intense psychoactive effects of the THC, the appearance and taste of this butterfly obtain an entirely different meaning. They’re the prelude toward a therapeutic and enjoyable experience!


How does the Butterfly High affect you?


We recommend making clean doses of the Butterfly High, though if you’re a veteran edible user, you should have a strong tolerance level. Despite this, the 400mg worth of THC will affect both your body and mind in intense ways. Firstly, it’ll improve your mood, alleviate depression and anxiety, and fill you with motivation. As the psychoactive experience continues, you may also feel more creative and imaginative. THC has that effect sometimes.


As for your body, you’ll start feeling a buzz affecting your head, spreading downward progressively. After it envelops your entire body, you’ll feel warmer and more relaxed, like you’d turned into a mushy goo. The feelings of comfort and tranquility are always there with you, soothing your chronic pain, fatigue, stress, and exhaustion.

9 reviews for Butterfly High by SeC

  1. PATTI

    I love this butterfly, I cut it into quarters to start and it was perfect, it tastes a bit weedy but not as bad as some out there A nice high that ramped up quite well. I will definitely buy this again and have added it as a go to for me. My daughter in law tried a piece but it was too much for her she is not used to this much ( she ate one of the quarters) and promptly went to bed and slept for 11 hours.I like to take it a couple of hours before bed and enjoy the high and a great sleep. Good product great price

  2. Korinn

    Sec is my favorite edible brand always reliable dosing expectations and genuinely always feel it. No hesitation recommending this brand above all others. Butterfly is the best cost effective wise to divvy up in doses

  3. Jenn

    This was a good buy and a completely different experience than the rose by the same company. I recommend it for relaxing and managing small amounts of pain. I can divide it into 4 and even into 8 and have a nice chill and unwind at night. It helps for some pain management but not extreme chronic conditions in my experience. Flavor has some aftertaste but worth it for the relaxation and calm.

  4. Brian

    We have been working on a butterfly for a while now. I weigh off pieces of it so as to dose accurately given the intense concentration of THC. The high comes on really quickly and potently. Absolutely no regrets, and fully recommend!

  5. Demian

    Very powerful butterflies. I tried half the first time and found it to be a bit much for me. Second time around I went with a quarter and that was perfect. Good bang for your buck.

  6. Morgan

    First time trying this Butterfly High and I liked it. I ate one wing to test it out and was feeling the effects for the whole afternoon. I ate mine in 4 pieces and felt it each time, if you really want to get really buzzed I would say eat the whole thing. But a quarter was good for me, too much edibles just make me nap.

  7. Brandon

    These are very powerful and long lasting. They are some of the best edibles I have ever had, as are many of SeC’s products. Also, I am very surprised SeC was able to make something so small with 400mg of cannabis extract in it actually taste alright.

  8. Drake

    Be sure if you are a new user to cut these up! Super potent and will knock your socks off it eaten my a beginner, taste was great, mild cannabis flavour which was not overpowering, love these!

  9. Rory

    Well, I wanted to try a bunch of different edibles, and this was an instant favorite. Very nice flavour, but without a strong weed flavour, although I like the taste of weed, some people dont. I ate half the gummy at first, and the effects were noticeable after about 45 minutes. Very uplifting, and helped aleviate my chronic lower back pain. I didnt notice any anxiety or racing thoughts, as I have experienced with other edibles. I ended up eating the rest of the gummy and had one of the best aleeps of my life. Woke up rested and feeling great. Had strange dreams though, which I also enjoyed haha. Treat yourself! Let the butterflys flutter by!

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