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Cactus Breath Information

Cactus Breath, a cross between Mendo Breath and Cactus, is a fairly evenly balanced hybrid generally offering 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. Even though it carries about the same amount of Indica as Sativa, its body high can be very potent, potentially resulting in an intense numbing high that could leave you just wanting to relax and rest on the couch. Especially on the first try, we recommend consuming this weed strain after work until you get used to its effects.


The THC levels of Cactus Breath generally range between 17% and 21%, providing moderate to higher potency, depending on one’s tolerance. The high of this cannabis strain can be hard-hitting, with a cerebral high that may boost your mood with feelings of euphoria and calmness; and a body high that could relieve chronic pain, such as migraines. The taste of this marijuana strain can be spicy with notes of herbal, skunky, and earthy.


Heavy Effects


Cactus Breath generally provides a heavy high, potentially leaving your mind more in a foggy state than a focused one, but without worries or tensions. The calming effect of this cannabis strain may relieve symptoms of stress or anxiety, leaving you feeling more at ease and euphorically elevated. The heavy body high could numb your physical pains to the degree that you may end up in a couch-lock state. There is a good chance that your appetite will be boosted with the high of this weed bud, so before getting all cozied up on your couch, you might want to grab some snacks to have close by.


Depression. Cactus Breath generally delivers an uplifting high that may reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety.


Stress. The calming and relaxing effects of this weed strain may allow you to enjoy a state of ease, both mentally and physically.


Chronic pain. With the heavy body high of Cactus Breath, a variety of physical pains may be soothed, such as migraines.


Appetite boost. If you are struggling with a loss of appetite, this marijuana strain may increase your appetite levels.


Herbal And Spicy


Cactus Breath offers a spicy twist in its scent and flavour. The aroma of this weed bud may treat you to notes of earthy, herbal, and skunky. Generally, the scent of this cannabis flower is pungent.


As for the flavour of Cactus Breath, the most noticeable notes tend to be a spicy mix of herbal, skunky, and sour.

3 reviews for Cactus Breath

  1. Davy

    One of my favorite strain ! Help you calm and relax.
    I love the taste, the color and the texture.
    Will keep ordering it !

  2. Stephone

    I only purchased a gram and waited to try this fine flower. A very euphoric vibe and amazing terpenoids accompanied me through my day. The beautiful orange tent of the flower with a dense, stickiness made this bud a ‘save-the-for-last’ bud

  3. Luke

    I had a fiend that purchased this before . After seeing the beautiful buds and enjoying the lovely taste I decided to order some more . Nice sticky dank smelling buds. Was very pleased with the batch I got from MMJ Direct, you will be not disappointed !!

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