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Canna Wraps Information

With the Canna Wraps, you can finally start smoking joints the way they were meant to be smoked! The experience you will go through will be a completely new one since these wraps contain only pure hemp with organic terpenes. The taste should be completely unique to anything else you’ve tried before. That’s because of the organic nature of this product.

To buy Canna Wraps online, you need only place the product in your shopping bin, enter your shipping details, and check out. We’ll send you an email containing the payment instructions – follow them and we’ll immediately send the package to you through Canada Post. The payment procedure is entirely safe and Canada Post has always employed great security measures.

Why are these Canna Wraps good?

Since you’re most likely a cannabis lover, you must have tried making your own joints and irrevocably failed. They don’t taste as great and the paper doesn’t resist for more than a few minutes – it becomes wet and ruined quickly. Similarly, you should have tried many professional pre-made joint wraps before. They’re better, right?

Well, these joint wraps are the best you’re going to taste in a while. They are blunt wraps that provide a slow and smooth smoke. They last for quite a while, giving you plenty of time to enjoy your joint. They’re even better to take with you when you leave home – you’ll always have a fast joint coming up whenever you need it!

If you want to buy Canna Wraps online in Canada, MMJDirect gives you the best shot at this! If you’re over 18 years old and legally reside in Canada, you’ve got a free pass at buying anything you want on MMJDirect, safely and securely. Just make sure you enter the shipping details correctly, otherwise the package won’t reach your place.

Because we use smell-proof and protective boxes when delivering your package, we maintain top discretion and overall protection of your order. Whether you want it to be delivered at home, at the hotel, or at work, we’ll take care of it!

5 reviews for Canna Wraps

  1. Jeremy

    I bought this to supplement an order and it wasn’t really to my liking but I think I was expecting something more akin to a proper blunt wrap, which this is not. The texture and consistency of the wrap also made it difficult to roll and the burn wasn’t anything special. Tasted good though.

  2. Cole

    The honey flavored ones were great! Burned evenly, tasted great, what more could you ask for? Love that these are organic so you know you arent smoking some weird chemicals like other brands. Im going to buy the grape ones nxt time home theyre just as good!

  3. Emily

    Got the honey flavor and loved it nice even burn but frequently out of stock D:

  4. Gregorhy

    The Russian cream one was amazing.
    “это был аромат небес”

    Thanks guys!

  5. Jad

    The russian creme ones taste so yummy

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