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Cannabis Trim (Shake) Information

If you’re looking for the perfect combination between price and quality, look no further. This trim is cut from excellent strains and clocks in at around 15 percent THC. Trim, also known as “shake,” is a combination of the cuttings left over after a grower trims extra plant matter from their nugs. Don’t let that fool you, though – trim can also contain plenty of kief that falls of during the trimming process, which can make it fairly potent.

Uses and Effects

Trim sometimes comes in a combination of strains, and as a result, can have wide-ranging possible effects on a smoker. Usually, it contains a mixture of Sativa and Indica properties. This can often lead to some pleasant effects, as the stimulating properties of Sativa strains can temper the sedative vibes of indicas.

The end result is a relaxed, wakeful high that may have several possible effects. Some of these may include enhanced creativity, improved sociability, euphoria, and relief from stress and anxiety. The variety of strains available in trim also means that it may have some health benefits like reduced inflammation, better sleep quality, and increased appetite.

Tips for Use

Trim is fairly versatile – there are tons of ways you can use it. First, trim is perfect for rolling into joints or blunts. Vaping is another option. It’s a great choice for those who are turned off by inhaling trim smoke, which can sometimes be harsh on the throat and lungs. Finally, many enterprising stoners use trim to make their own edibles. It’s easy to cook trim down into Cannabutter, an essential component for making many edible products. In fact, this is how many commercial growers make their edibles.

At MMJDirect, we make it easy to buy marijuana trim online. Just complete your payment and enter your address, and we’ll send it directly to you – no store involved. Skip the lines and buy online – MMJDirect strives to be one of the best online dispensaries in Canada.

If you want to try a higher quality trim we also have premium cannabis trim available which is the trim that comes from our AAA to AAAA+ strains. It’s generally very similar and you can’t go wrong with either one but our premium trim contains slightly fewer stems and has a bit higher potency.

4 reviews for Cannabis Trim (Shake)

  1. Ambrose

    For how cheap it is, its actually pretty good stuff. Gets me just as high as regular weed. Actual buds are better of course but if you dont have the money for a big order sometimes, MMJ still has great quality bottom bag stuff

  2. Sherrie

    I use this for my canna butter and I’m very pleased with the potency of my cookies, sleeping like a baby.

  3. Brittney

    Perfect price for someone looking to get high but don’t have a lot of money. Good flavour and good high. This stuff never disappoints. Will definitely be buying again as it is such good quality for such a good price. 👍

  4. Jonathan

    Perfect for making edibles, will buy again

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