CBD Dana (Hemp)

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12-14% CBD

Less than 0.3% THC

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CBD Dana (Hemp) Information

Sometimes, smokers don’t want the intense psychoactive experience that THC provides. They’re not searching for a rush of euphoria of a Sativa or the heavy body load of a pure Indica. They may not even be interested in the more balanced effects that a hybrid provides. Instead, they’re interested in the slew of possible health benefits that may come along with cannabinoids. CBD Dana, a strain developed by biotech firm Alliance Growers, aims to please that niche.

Uses and Effects

Featuring a super-high CBD concentration clocking in around 14 percent and infinitesimal THC concentration of .3 percent. While that’s not enough to feel high, it’s perfect for utilizing the Entourage Effect to boost the already-potent possible benefits of this premium hemp strain. By binding with CB2 receptors throughout the body, CBD may be able to help alleviate some symptoms like chronic swelling, low appetite, poor sleep, depression, and stress. As a result, this CBD Dana may be an effective way to control glaucoma, anxiety disorders, arthritis, and other issues.

Additionally, this CBD Dana may be a helpful tool for those seeking to quit smoking tobacco. Some research suggests that a crucial component of smoking tobacco is the habit of smoking rather than what’s being smoked. By replacing cigarettes with CBD joints, smokers may be able to wean themselves off of tobacco.

Aroma and Appearance

To the untrained eye, hemp and weed look like the same plant. That’s because they’re members of the same genetic family. The main difference between marijuana and hemp plants lies in the resin each plant produces. Low-THC hemp plants won’t develop the trichome crystals that you’d find in a typical cannabis plant.

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