CBD Dark Chocolate Bar by Boost

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CBD Dark Chocolate Bar by Boost Information

Boost CBD Dark Chocolate Bar offers an innovative tasting and olfactive experience to the table. This weed edible contains organic ingredients, prime-quality CBD, and the best terpenes harvested from fresh weed. The CBD is dosed out perfectly so it allows you to grab a snack at any time, knowing how much you consume. The sweetness and bitterness combine perfectly, making up a superior therapeutic dessert! If you love chocolate and weed, then there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like this edible.

One of the things that makes the CBD Dark Chocolate Bar great is the soothing psychotropic experience. It’s not unmanageable or overpowering, not in the least. Instead, it takes you slowly and steadily, enveloping you in a layer of deep relaxation and joy. The CBD counteracts many medical symptoms, including anxiety, depression, chronic stress, or headaches. You should try this blissful experience!

What does the CBD Dark Chocolate Bar look and smell like?

Wrapped in a pure-white package, with a dash of gold, and a simple description, this chocolate bar is nothing fancy in terms of appearance. The chocolate itself looks identical to any other sweet edibles you find in any store. It still oozes deliciousness just by looking at it, sure, but it doesn’t give you away when you take it out. The bittersweet flavour is divine, much less the CBD effects that come afterward.

Taste this chocolate treat and you’ll experience true bliss, with a dash of sedation sprinkled here and there. You’ll forget all about the stress or personal problems. Take a piece of this CBD Dark Chocolate Bar, smell its intense chocolate aroma, and it’ll all go away!

What are the CBD Dark Chocolate Bar’s effects like?

If you’ve never tried marijuana edibles before, this one will rattle your brains and seize your body! Some consumers describe the experience as a slow-acting one, with periods of euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief. At first, the chocolate will simply give you a taste of bittersweet cocoa paradise. After about an hour, the effects kick in with full force. A slightly weaker force.

Gradually, the fuzzy feeling envelops other parts of your body, reaching all the way down. By now, your chronic pains or muscle tension should have disappeared or been partially alleviated. After the psychotropic effects reach a maximum level and the CBD fully enters your bloodstream, the Boost CBD Dark Chocolate Bar delivers the ultimate state of bliss, free from bodily or mental afflictions!

2 reviews for CBD Dark Chocolate Bar by Boost

  1. Jeremy

    Good chocolate bar. One of the few that does not include milk ingredients. Making it an option for vegans. Really difficult to find any without milk. Nice smooth choclate, not too bitter.

  2. Karolyn

    This has been a little godsend for my mom’s anxiety as she deals with Alzheimer’s. And since it comes in her favourite form – chocolate – it couldn’t be easier to get her to take.

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