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CBD Death Bubba Information

What happens when you take one of Canada’s favourite strains and infuse it with a heaping portion of CBD? You get CBD Death Bubba! CBD Death Bubba takes the incredible flavour, high, and appearance of one of the best strains to come out of British Columbia and makes it more accessible to newbies and medical patients alike. This strain is the result of Vancouver’s Sea to Sky growing collective’s work. The group purportedly crossed a regular Death Bubba plant with a high-CBD Afghani landrace to create this new twist on Canada’s darling strain.

You may have heard of the Entourage Effect. This phenomenon causes strains high in multiple cannabinoids to have improved or different effects from those with just THC. The combination of cannabinoids in this Death Bubba variant mean that it may be particularly effective at alleviating health problems plaguing medical patients. It’s also a good choice for newer smokers, since the calming effects of CBD can regulate the psychoactive rush that THC provides.

What does CBD Death Bubba Look and Smell Like?

If you didn’t know the difference, you could easily mistake this strain for a normal Death Bubba Plant. CBD Death Bubba hits all the important categories. It boasts the same purple colouring, pungent smell and clean smoke that Death Bubba possesses. Its scent features the earthy tones of cut grass, typical of this strain’s Kush lineage. Its taste brings a sweeter taste to the fold, delighting the taste buds.

What are CBD Death Bubba’s Effects?

Thanks to this strain’s high CBD content, it has a very different high than Death Bubba. It has about 12 percent CBD and only 6 percent THC, coming out to about a 2:1 ratio. As a result, it won’t knock veteran smokers into the couch like regular Death Bubba does. Instead, it may be able to alleviate several health issues. Medical patients have said that CBD Death Bubba may help manage stress, chronic pain, insomnia, depression, low appetite, and inflammation.

5 reviews for CBD Death Bubba

  1. Edgar

    CBD Death Bubba was the favourite of the 3 strains I picked up. Hope it becomes regular stock. It was extremely sticky, strong kushy nose, it reeked the whole house up just grinding it. Perfect for after the gym, after work and before bed. Super calming, I couldn’t believe how calm I was.

  2. Angelo

    this product is awesome

  3. Alana

    Death Bubba has always been one of my top 5 strains since it hit the scene. This guy has all the things I LOVE about Death Bubba, plus an added layer of relaxation and pain obliteration. It has a great smell, taste and burn. The effects come on quickly and are heavy, but for me personally not debilitating like it’s non-CBD counterpart. This strain is perfect for someone looking for pain management, help with anxiety, or any kind of sleep issues.

  4. Tyler

    This one hits like a truck for cbd strain high thc content in here to similar to the death Bubba way more therapeutic and medical kind of high great for appite wouldn’t smoke this strain during the day unless you have chronic pain as it will knock you out in a bong

  5. Georgia

    Smooth product, good quality. Great for helping with anxiety and insomnia without a fuzzy head the next day. Recommend

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