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Chem Dawg is the kind of strain that you want to smoke whenever you’re feeling down. Your anxiety and depression can’t stand up to this strain’s intense euphoric and energetic effects. The diesel-like flavour and intense hints of musky earthiness will further improve the experience beyond the normal. When you take a smoke from Chem Dawg, you’ll sending your mind to a world of blissful euphoria and relaxation. This experience should help you manage your medical symptoms.

This strain is one of the tastiest you’ll ever have the chance to experience. The diesel-like aroma and flavour are quite unique when compared to other strains. Moreover, the THC concentration on this strain goes up to 15-20%. The effects are very potent, even to a veteran consumer. Beginners should start with lower doses to get used to the effects. Either way, Chem Dawg is a superb strain that’s likely to improve your mood on the spot.

What does Chem Dawg look and taste like?


Chem Dawg is very resinous, with sticky flowers and mellow buds. Speaking of the buds, they’re medium-sized and silvery, thanks to the thin coat of white trichomes covering them. You’ll also see loose flowers that are completely covered in the sticky trichomes. Countless red pistils are threaded through the flowers, leading to a unique visual impression. The overall texture and structure of Chem Dawg makes it hard to break these buds by hand. Use a grinder instead!

In terms of taste, Chem Dawg offers a one-of-a-kind experience to its consumers. From the first smoke, you’ll be left in awe at the sheer chemical aroma of the diesel flavour. It has an ammonia-like whiff, and yet the taste is both sour and delicious at the same time. It’ll hit the top of your palate from the very beginning. The distinct diesel aroma is not for everyone, but those who enjoy it will love this experience.

What are the effects of Chem Dawg?


To put it into perspective, other strains aren’t near as good as Chem Dawg at alleviating anxiety and depression. When you can taste the diesel aroma, that’s when the effects kick in. First comes a generalized warmth around the back of your head, which improves your mood and fills you with energy. Then, your body starts feeling more and more relaxed as time passes by. In the end, you’re left in a state of blissful comfort that never seems to end.

Within this state, all pains and aches vanish almost as quickly as they appear. Your arthritis problems won’t be causing an issue anymore. In fact, Chem Dawg can also help you sleep if you suffer from insomnia. By acting on your endocannabinoid system and specific neurotransmitters, it can make you sleepy and alleviate your fatigue and stress. In other words, Chem Dawg holds an excellent therapeutic potential.

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  1. Katie

    Covered in beautiful, thick red orange pistils this strain smells very potent. Very powerful diesel aroma/taste as well as a somewhat earthy when smoking. Fantastic for pain (almost instant relief), stress, anxiety and getting a good nights sleep.

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