Cherry OG

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60% Indica dominant hybrid strain.

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Cherry OG Information

The OG family of strains has risen to enjoy a position of prominence and respect over the last few decades. It features household names like OG Kush and SFV OG, but it also includes some rarer offshoots. One of those is Cherry OG. This cross between Cherry Thai, Afghani, and Lost Cost OG was developed by renowned breeder Emerald Triangle Seeds.

While many OG crosses are known as heavy-hitting Indicas, Cherry OG has a balanced cannabinoid profile, giving it a mixture of different effects. Its potent THC concentration – usually clocking in between 16 and 21 percent – won’t leave smokers disappointed, though.

What Does Cherry OG Look and Smell Like

In spite of what you might suspect from its name, Cherry OG doesn’t present the fruity, sweet flavour of cherries. Rather, its aroma combines a sour scent with the unmistakable aroma of diesel fuel. Once you spark it up, you may notice a flavour profile that combines a citrus-forward sourness with the spicy tones of herbs and pepper.

Cherry OG is often visually stunning, expressing reddish hues along the edges of its topmost buds. A bold sheet of trichomes glistens over the surface of this strain’s flowers, catching the light at unique angles and accentuating its ruddy colouring.

What Does Cherry OG Do?

Thanks to the Thai genetics it bears, Cherry OG has a more stimulating and energizing buzz than many other OG strains do. Users report that it helps them feel relaxed but not tired, tempering its sedative effects with uplifting and happy vibes. Keep snacks handy when smoking Cherry OG though – smokers often experience a serious case of the munchies.

Cherry OG may also offer medical patients an array of health-related benefits. Some research has shown that cannabis may have anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing, appetite-stimulating, and sleep-aiding effects, among others. As a result, marijuana may be an effective way to alleviate health problems like glaucoma, insomnia, chronic pain, and more.


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