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4 reviews for Cherry Pie

  1. Colborn

    Oh cherry pie, how sweet are thee!! Great strain with a fantastic taste, it’s a must!

  2. Maude

    I am not easily impressed. Cherry pie however did something not even my beloved Blue Dream does. It made me smile. We aretalking Cheshire style! My anxiety literally melted away in a sea of tongue caressing sweet vapor. Thank you OG Kush genetics! Lovely to have you here. While sitting amazed at how this wonder of natural medicine had effected me so quickly with its gentile calming effects, I started to feel the purple tendrils of its GDP side start to crawl up the back of my brain and gently sliding behind my eyes. The euphoria rush kicked in, helping to dissipate my sciatica and scoliosis pain like the expent cloud of vapors from my lungs.

  3. Deryk

    I was right stoked to try this strain, Cherry Pie! And after smoking it, I had an increase in appetite due to it actually having a cherry pie taste to it. I felt filthy wealthy as fuck while blazing a joint. Like RICH rich lol. I didn’t order enough to know whether or not it helps with chronic pain, etc as I only bought a bit to top up my order. That being said though, I’ll def get more in future orders.
    All in all, a great product that I have and will continue to recommend to family and friends
    Its good for beginner tokers and super allstar tokers alike.
    I bought this strain because it was recommended to me by my brother. He was right when he told me its a wicked product! He also told me Cherry Pie can assist with a better sleep and appetite.
    Will be purchasing more soon to experiment more. Def a 5⭐product though! 💯🙏

  4. Ryan

    I quite enjoyed this strain, as it helped with my depression. Suffering with depression , I search for the right strain that makes me feel good. This strain has the yah lets do it power. Smooth smoke and the high is more powerful than I thought and that is not a bad thing.
    I truly recommend this strain for medical or recreational user. Beware it has kick.

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